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A Month to Live

A Month to Live Everyone should live like today is her last day because no one knows if it will be her last one. If I knew I only had a month to live I would try to focus on things that are most important to me. I would spend a lot of time in prayer.

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God, who knows me better than myself, also knows I would have a lot of request. First, I would try to get all my business affairs in order for my family. I would want them to know about the life insurance policies, retirement benefits, and other matters they need to check on.

I would make sure I told them about any details that were important to me such as funeral arrangements or burial location. I would also try to figure out who I wanted to have any of my valuable or sentimental possessions. This way I could give it to them before I was no longer here. Even though these practical details are necessary, I would spend little of my limited time concentrating on my worldly affairs because there are more important things to do.

Next, I would take a little time to reflect on my life to see if I needed to make peace with anyone. If I knew I offended someone or treated someone badly then I would definitely want to make amends. If I was holding a grudge or thought someone was holding a grudge against me I certainly would want to make things right for both of us. I would want my friends to know how much they all mean to me. I would be sure to tell my family members how proud I was of each of them and that I expected them to continue to take care of each other.

I would even like to tell my ex-husband that I forgive him for not being there to help support his children when they were growing up. Third, I would focus on spending time with my family, especially my children, grandchildren, parents, and siblings. We could sit and talk about our lives and all the wonderful times we shared. I would take my family on a vacation together. Just being able to sit and talk with them, seeing their smiling faces or reaching over to give them a hug, or just hearing their voices.

Their laughter would make me very happy during my last month. Spending time with them is all I would want to do. Just as my life revolves around taking care of them, their happiness would be my main focus till my death. Finally, I would want a little peace before I leave this world. For example, I would like to sit under the trees remembering my life; I would appreciate the star, the sunset, and just the natural beauty of the world. I hope I would be able to think of my life and know I would not trade it for anyone else’s.

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