The Filipino Penchant for Beauty Products and Whitener Reflects That Colonial Outlook on Beauty

Last Updated: 09 Feb 2023
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For so many years beauty has been a center of attraction to all. It can be considered as one of the major aspects of an individual’s life. Beauty is defined as “any of those qualities of objects, sounds, emotional or intellectual concepts, behavior, etc.That gratify or arouse admiration to a high degree, especially by the perfection of form resulting from the harmonious combination of diverse elements in unity”.

A person appears beautiful when seen perfectly. And most of the Filipinos are aware of that statement. Filipinos want to become beautiful, that even using so many cosmetic product just to beautify will do. This research aims to prove that Filipino’s tend to believe that physical beauty is an edge among others.Specifying that beauty has been the most favourable and considerable things over others. The three major reasons why beauty matters are: beauty creates energy, beauty debriefs tension and beauty helps our self esteem. One tends to attract positive energies resulting to positive outlook in life, whenever there is a satisfaction in someone’s beauty.

Beauty really helps in developing one’s self-esteem. Because it will eventually lead to the confidence of oneself. The researchers tend to believe that physical beauty is fashion that makes an individual creative, physically and mentally creative.People usually use beauty as an instrument on socializing. “The face isphysical, therefore personal and intimate, yet the face is also made up and subject to fashion. ” Acceptance in terms of beauty cannot be avoided, based on what the researcher experienced. It is the nature of aech and every one .

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And it is observed especially on the side of women, which feels more pressure than men in terms of beautification. “Millions of women, of all ages and countries and ethnicities, feel pressures to look different than they do, to gain the esteem of others and acceptance in their own eyes.Some men feel similar pressures, though not often and seldom as with as much force, for in nearly human societies beauty is more vigourously required of women than men.

Men can feel good about themselves on the basis of power, wealth and achievement. Women in industrial societies gain self-esteem from those things too, but they are also required to be beautiful or at least to present themselves beautifully,” It seems that women are required to be presented beautifully at all time. That’s why beauty products and procedures are the requirements to achieve the said edge among others. Beauty is the state of mind… when you feel beautiful, you are beautiful!A good appreance shows that you respect yourself.

When people see that, they feel respect for you too. When you give respect, you get respect. ” This statement appeals that you should be thinking positive, be confident, and don’t be afraid of what other say. But as the researchers observed, this does not exist anymore. When people want to become beautiful, they will apply make-up, skin whiteners, etc. but then, for others who cannot afford, then why not take optimism? so that insecurity will never be an arguing issue. Although considered as the edge for millions of people, beauty needs so many painful ways first before achieving it.

“Beauty gives pleasure even if achieving it could be painful. ” Some people, most especially Filipinos work hard to attain the beauty preference of the majority. According on the website that we have visited, “on the average of forty percent of the Filipinos population has tried some form of whitening treatment or applied whitening cream to their skin. The Filipinos are vain; very vain.Skin whitening is just one of the many things that Filipinos would go through to stand up to Filipino standard of beauty. ” This leads to the researcher’s conclusions that Filipinos are seriously decided on how they will appear to others, believing that white is beauty. According to Stephen M.

Smith “Looks may not be everything, but physical good news usually work in one’s favour. Such is the conclusion of a quarters century’s worth of research on physical attractiveness effects. Physical attractive individuals are often viewed more favourably than unattractiveness effects.Physical attractive individual are often viewed more favourably than unattractive people on dimensions that are weakly related or unrelated to physical looks, such as intelligience, sociability and morality.

“That’s exactly what the researcher mean, that beauty favourability cannot be avoided or diminished in every aspects of life. Especiallyin Filipinos who really considered that beauty is an edge among others.

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