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What I Believe In – Beliefs that Frame My Outlook on the World

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We humans are entitled to have our own beliefs. These beliefs serve as our guiding principles in living our lives. They also help in building and framing our outlook towards the world we live in and towards our relationships with other people. Our beliefs can determine our character and can give reasons as to how we should live our lives every single day. What I personally believe in is actually very simple and basic. I believe in the power of doing something good to other people. For some reason, I grew up believing that if I do an act of goodness, life would be good to me as well.

It is not as if I am asking or expecting for something in return every time I do something good. It is not that way. I just believe that showing an act of kindness and concern to others adds meaning into my life and it helps me feel good as well. This belief had helped me gain a better outlook in life. It feels good to receive a sincere smile from other people and even strangers whom I try to help – whether it is just a tiny gesture of offering a seat in the bus or picking up something that they have dropped.

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For me, an act of goodness – whether great or small – makes life more fulfilling. It warms the heart and makes the world seem happier and safer. I believe that a person can never be wrong if he chooses to do whatever is good. There are many opportunities for us to show an act of goodness every single day if we just look around – helping an elderly cross the street, donating something to the charity, participating in an environmental project, volunteering at a community centre and offering our companionship to someone who is in need of a friend; and many others.

Even without exerting any conscious effort, I know that there are still a lot of ways for me to do something good like being patient while waiting in line at the fast food counter, being nice to the waiters and waitresses in restaurants, saying “thank you” to that security guard that opens and closes the door for me at the bank and by simply saying “I’m sorry” and “Please” all the time. I consider patience and good manners as virtues that I need to practice everyday in order to instil them in my character.

Imagine if every person on earth would attempt to do an act of goodness everyday. There would probably be lesser troubles for people. The world can become a better place and we can set good examples to the younger generation. Whether we accept it or not, choosing to do what is good and showing kindness to others can go a long way. By doing so, we are already uplifting, inspiring and helping others in ways we can never quite expect. It is like touching other people’s lives and giving them hope that goodness still exists and there are ways to spread it out to the others.

From another perspective, I believe that doing something good everyday of my life will help me have a good life as well. I have this idea in my mind that doing acts of goodness all the time has its paybacks. As I have mentioned earlier, this is not associated with me asking for something in return. It simply means that I believe that there is such a thing as good karma. It is like leaving the rest to the forces of nature that exist or to fate; or to our Creator. It does not really matter which, what or who is responsible for the payback.

All I know is that in life, goodness has its own price. As long as I am a good person, I can expect pleasant things to come my way. Life has its own twists and turns and this is something that is known to all of us. Sometimes, things do not always turn out as expected. I have experienced this to a great extent. While I am at my life’s mission of spreading goodness to others, one of the people whom I helped had betrayed me. This person has hurt me and despite of the good things I have done for him, he chose to pay me back with betrayal and deception.

Another instance was when I decided to join a very worthy cause. I ended up being accused of something I did not do. I became a victim of injustice. Despite of all the help and effort I exerted for that particular project, I was accused of being on the negative side. Indeed, both experiences had been extremely disappointing and yes, painful to some extent. I would be a hypocrite if I would say that these specific events in my life did not shake my belief. In fact, there were days when I asked myself if I should continue being good to those who had hurt, betrayed and accused me.

Is it still worth it to believe in the power of goodness? Should I continue believing that goodness can conquer all the negative things in this world? I was taken aback at how people can easily use and judge others. However, later on, I came to a realization that every person goes through several challenges and trials in his lifetime. That is the essence of living. My beliefs are my guiding principles on how I would live my life; but I should not expect other people to also believe whatever it is that I believe in; or expect them to follow my principles.

Each person is unique and has his own beliefs. There will be times when the act of goodness that I do will not be reciprocated. That is my challenge and it is something that I should learn to accept. I also have to acknowledge the fact that people do not act and think alike all the time. Things will not always go my way or turn out as expected. The outcomes of my beliefs can either be favourable or unfavourable. Still, there is nothing wrong with believing that “goodness equates to goodness” regardless of everything. Thus I still believe in the power of doing good things to others.

In conclusion to this personal insight, I simply want to state that our belief gives meaning to our existence and moulds our character. In my case, I find fulfilment and pleasure in doing something good to others – like showing some concern, expressing love or extending an act of kindness. I know that there will be times when my belief will be tested or challenged and I can easily lose my grip. However, as long as I know that what I believe in is right and just, life will find a way to pay me back. References http://www. npr. org/templates/story/story. php? storyId=4538138&ps=sa

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