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The Federal Government

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The federal government plays a crucial role in supporting states and local communities to prepare for, respond to and recover from disasters, but the federal role in recovery is not crucial, they mainly hand out cash. The states have their own cash, which allows the state to work on their own issues when they can.

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The Federal Government

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. However the government is responsible for helping where they can such as rescue teams, helicopters and the Coast Guard. These people all help with the rescuing of people. This also includes the fire departments and police departments while the EMT's try and heal anyone in need. Another issue though is the government doesn't want to get involved when not needed, or if the state can do it faster. The reasoning for this is that the whenever the government intervenes there is much more paperwork required to get anything done. Florida has prepared by trying to evacuate anyone willing to do so, If the state can get everyone out that they can then they will have less people to worry about once the damage is done. They have also told everyone what to do to keep them safe if they do choose to stay. They also acquire the correct amount of response personal needed, they stock stores with the last bit of resources they can to have their citizens survive without any power. Hurricane Michael was taken care of decently well, they had many things they had to cover and had done so. They shut down schools and stores, closed the roads and pretty much anything else that could pose any other problem. Once the disaster is over there is much destruction and problems to address. They all have to think about all the people either dead or dying as well. Other nations such as Puerto Rico are still dealing with Hurricane Maria do to the lack of preparation, funds, and help. The disasters that can hit or start at any moment all of huge impacts on all of the people around it and the federal government is the only one that helps with natural disasters. Other countries do have emergency preparedness and they have similar situations

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