Federal Government

According to Utta Education Network, 2008 there are three main branches of the federal government are: – Legislative Branch. – Executive Branch. – Judicial Branch. These braches plays different vital roles in governing the federal government They usually deal with matters of writing, debating and passing various bills which are finally approved by the president. The members are usually representatives of a given are within the state referred to as congregational district.

The chief function of this branch is to make law. The Executive branch of federal government ensures that the law which are passed by the legislature are executed i. e. they are followed and obeyed by the citizens. This branch is usually headed by the president. In the case of judicial branch, they entirely deal with the issue of interpreting the laws of the nation which have been passed by the executive branch. The federal and the state court are the main body which deals with the issue of interpreting the law.

Each law violation has different type of court to tend to it. These braches works hand in hand with each other and therefore they are involved in checking each others power. The legislature, everything that is done by the other two branches is constitutional. The executive branch ensures that the judicially and the legislature branch do not abuse their powers and they ensure that the law which is dealt with is constitutional.

The judicially, ensures that the laws which are passed by the legislature are right for their approval and hence the they can be passed and signed so that they can be used by the executive branch Therefore, the three branches of federal government must work together for them to execute law which will be used to govern the citizens and to deal with law breakers. Reference: Utta Education Network, 2008, Three Branches of Government, Retrieved from, http://www. voteutah. org/learning/government/three_branches. html

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