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The Decision That Affected My Life

Sometimes there are decisions that can affect your whole life.It means that if you take a wrong step, you will go the wrong way.There are many examples, when people did some something and then regretted it the entire life.

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Now I want to tell my case, when the decision I made affected my life. As many young people of my age I like music. I like going to clubs. I go there with my friends. I have many friends and they all are very different. Some of them use drugs to get high. I do not know much about this because I never tried drugs but I presume that some drugs they use are hard.

That night we went together instead of meeting in the club as usual. We came to the apartment of one of my friend because his parents were out. Then this friend brought in syringes, needles, and the drugs. All my friends wanted to take drugs. Some of them would do it for the first time. They proposed me but I refused. They were trying to persuade me but I did not give in. They said I was stupid and one time would do nothing. But after I continued to refuse, they got angry with me and said I must go.

And so I went. They were not my friends any more. I think I took the right decision. Moreover, I think it affected my life greatly. Just imagine what could have happened if I had not been firm enough to refuse. I would continue to use drugs and I would become a drug-addict. Perhaps I would not even enter my college. I know that some of my former “friends” ended badly. Perhaps I would end so too. Now I am happy that I was wise enough to take the right decision that affected my life in the right way.

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