The Attitudes of Consumers Toward Organic Foods

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Last Updated: 09 Nov 2022
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This source is a secondary source because it is the evaluation consumer's attitudes towards organic foods and their consumption. Some issues that are discussed in this article are as follows... Factors impacting consumer attitudes toward organic foods, consumer willingness to pay more for organic foods, and barriers for organic purchase. The quality of the source seems to be legit because of the different view points that it has from different consumers of organic foods. These types of view points would be good for my claim because of the different types of evidence that could be used for the different points of views.

This source (video) is a primary source. It evaluates the inspection of organic dairy, meats and processed foods. The source touches up on how organic food is grown and produced. Some big key points of this source are also agriculture and how it affects organic foods, and genetically modified foods. Once again the quality of the source is high because there are different views on organic foods and none of the contributors seem biased in this video. The claim essay can use research from this video because it is showing people and interviewing people who grow, buy, and consume organic foods.

The source is secondary because it is based off of a reporters reports and isn't coming from a main source. Some key issues that are discussed in this article are organic food identity problems in china. This source would be good to research for the claim essay because it is often that we think something is organic on the shelves of a super market when in all reality it might not be.

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Includes bibliographical references and index. This book is a compilation of different facts about deciphering organic foods. It has no opinions on another source and doesn't present any ideas based off of someone else's works. Some key issues that are stated in this source are organics, environment, sustainability, health, organic retail. These are all things that have to do with organic foods in health, business, and environmental situations. The author's position on organic foods is that there are many things that draw us to buying organic foods. The source does use different types of evidences such as many facts that support many of their guidelines to organic foods.


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