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The Alamo

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The movie started out with Sam Houston attempting to talk individuals into miming to Texas, promising them 640 acres of their choosing, but there was no mention of receiving a League of Land. The movie did a good job on depicting the habits of the characters, showing their attitudes and drinking habits. It also showed how concerning Travis was about his uniform. There was no mention of Daniel Cloud being the one to ring the bell; instead it mentioned someone spotting the Mexican Army while they were Norte to the Alamo.

Within 24 hours of Santa Ana arriving, he sent a courier under a hit flag to negotiate surrender which was not shown in the movie. It did however show Bowie ride out to negotiate, and Travis firing the cannon in anger. Shortly into the siege it did show Bowie becoming sick from consumption, eventually becoming bedridden because of it. There was only a brief reading from Trivia's 'Victory or Death" letter with no mention of the P. S. At the end of the letter. The movie showed a small Mexican detachment fire at the Alamo to size up the forces within.

When the decision to burn the village was sought UT, in the movie it showed Davys Crockett by himself setting the village ablaze. In the movie there was no mention of one of the 32 men that came to the aide of the Alamo being shot by friendly fire as they were approaching the mission. On the Mexican side of the battle, Santa Ana said he was waiting for Sam Houston to enter the Alamo to attack, with no mention that they were actually waiting for the larger cannon.

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During Trivia's speech to his men, he didn't specifically mention the fact that Fanning was not coming and when he was knishes with it he didn't do the sword in sand. In the book it was only said that the Mexican band played the song on the morning of the attack, however in the movie the played it every morning. During the Mexican assault on the Alamo, in the movie there was not 3 distinct attacks just one large one. Trivia's "The Mexicans are upon us, give them hell" was not shown in the movie before he was killed.

Davys Crockett was shown as the only survivor of the Alamo, and there was no mention of Emily Dickinson. During the Battle of San Action there were quite a few quite few things that were off in the movie from the historical facts of the battle, from the location of the bridge, who was set in first, and placement of the Calvary. There was also no mention of TX Rusk informing Sam Houston that they had Santa Ana, but it did show Santa Ana in the lesser uniform. Overall the film was very well done and showed most of the historical facts about the Alamo, and was suspenseful enough to keep anyone's attention.

The actual historical facts should have been a little more researched and hon. more distinct fully, such as when Travis did the "Sword in the Sand" speech. In the movie where it showed Travis dispatching Caps Segueing, Travis told Segueing that he chose him due to his knowledge of the area. After doing a little research I discovered that Caps. Segueing was voted to deliver the letter to Houston despite Travis wanting him to stay for his knowledge of Mexican Customs and for the fact that he spoke the language. Anytime a movie is made such as "The Alamo" utmost attention to detail should be taken for factorization.

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