Television Is a Great Invention

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Some people say television is the worst inventions of modern times. They make this assertion for some reasons. The following points are some of them. First, they think that televisions make people more passive than before. Second, they think televisions contribute to the fact that people are more distant to each other. To begin with, I must admit that the first point is reasonable. With a television all you need to do—and all you can do is to sit on a comfortable sofa and look at the screen.

People are becoming more passive simply because there is no interaction and no efforts on them. Everything contains good side and bad side and television has no exception. Yeah, of course, it makes people lazier and passive. They just watch things on TV instead of doing by themselves. But apart from that, television is by all means a great invention. There is only a minority of people who can watch some events on the scene, like some live matches and competitions . So how can the rest of people participate in the events far from the place the events happen?

Of course through television which all people are legal and free to enjoy can we do so. In addition, to people who want to travel but with no money, television is undoubtedly a great thing through which people can see the world only by sitting ideally at home. To the second point, I want to say that it is true. Televisions do make people less close to each other. Family get-togethers and conversations are disturbed by TV—when one member is watching TV, he would like others to keep quiet.

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But everyone have time when he or she is alone. Television alienates people not so much as it provides all kinds of relaxation and entertainment for people when they are alone. Although television addict some adolescents to situation comedies; although televisions put glasses on millions of students' noses; although television reduce communications between families and friends, the advantages of television are far more than the harm it does to us.

To us individuals, when we finish a whole day's work and feel exhausted both physically and mentally, we may turn on televisions and have a good relaxation; when we want to get information on sports?entertainment or large events in the world, we turn on televisions and get it from all kinds of TV programs; even when we want to learn English?etiquette or custom of foreign countries, we can turn on the television and get what we need from them, always. In a word, I think television is a great invention which is of great significance to the evolution of human society.


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