Hershey SWOT analysis

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Hershey: SWOT analysis

Hershey's brand of chocolate is probably one of the more recognizable brands of chocolates in the market. Just mention Hershey's and you are sure to light up the eyes of the young ones who like the variety of products that the Company offers. Even the older folks, since the company is quite established in the market, readily relate to the kids in enjoying the great tasting chocolate bars and other products. What makes it marketable? Why do people, young and old, still enjoy the candy even if they've probably been eating for at least several generations? Also, read SWOT analysis of Ice Cream market

Hershey company SWOT analysis

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But first, let's define the SWOT for the company. SWOT (Strength, Hershey company weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis can be defined as the strength and weaknesses of, the opportunities for, and the threats to an organization, products, etc. Basing the paper on this line of definition, let us strive to answer the questions posed a while back.

  • What about the product that makes it marketable? In addition to having an almost iconic status in the market, two words seems to stand out in the data available was Develop and Deliver.

The company wants to its products to be marketable rather than rely on its status by developing new products that will meet the demands of the market both now and in the future.

  • What is an Ice Cream Candy Bar? There is no straight definition of what an ice cream candy bar is, but from what I can find out about this delectable treat, when you combine the two elements together in a cooking process, that you have to melt the bar and while it is melting, add the ice cream (or half-and-half) to the melted chocolates, and then freeze them to form the bars.
  • How is different from other ice cream candy bars?

The only difference bought out by the data is in the variation of the ingredients. The finished confection is topped off by ice cream over the bars.

  • What season will we select for marketing? Any season that will bring about good feelings about themselves would be fine, but the holidays and special occasions should be taken into special consideration, taking into account the spending and buying patterns of people during these occasions.
  • Maybe fall or football because of the longer length/more bang for the dollar. I will treat this as a question, that the football season will provide more sales for the product?

If this is the stated case, it will certainly provide more exposure to the product, as football is a widely followed sport in the United States. All in all, Hershey's organization focus on being one of the market leaders, if not the market leader in the industry, will keep it in good stead to becoming the dominant player in the market. The tradition of innovation and aggressive product development will continue to be the hallmark of the organizations as it continues to churn one delicious treat after another.


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