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Coach: SWOT analysis

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Coach: SWOT analysis


-          concept called “Accessible Luxury” which means matching luxury on quality of bag while making it affordable

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Coach: SWOT analysis

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-          introduction of new and fresh styles and collections

-          monthly product launches used in introducing new product

-          affordable prices made available to middle-class customers

-          customer- oriented employees

-          wide range distribution by using catalog and email as means of selling

-          full- price stores categorized into three namely; core locations, fashion locations, and flagship stores

-          appealing brand to customers

-          stores made available in US and Japan, top two countries in selling luxury bags and other collections


-          growth of luxury industry

-          retail stores where most customers may not be seen

-          maintenance of discounted price


-          Continued growth of luxury industry in Europe an in Asia

-          Middle class customers looking for affordable luxury bags

-          New technologies for distribution and selling methods

-          Laxity of regulating the industry


-          regulations of the industry due to competition with top brands in the industry

-          counterfeiting

-          demand for a lesser price or more discount from customers

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