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Supporting Babies

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Emotional Soft teddy's Helps to comfort babies when they are sad Intellectual painting Helps children feel different textures and materials. It allows them to use their imagination to create pictures. Language Reading books Helps babies learn new words, sounds and socialism with people. Please remember a baby is Birth to 15 months old How a babies individual needs and interests can be supported through play. Babies play can be supported by giving the right equipment and activities for their age group. E. G. Hand/finger painting, building blocks, play mats, colorful picture books, rattles and nursery rhymes.

Talk to the babies about their activities colors of pictures, shapes, textures and ask questions (even if they not understand) to show them that you're interested. Give babies eye contact to show them you are responding to them. Join in and talk to them. Encourage babies to say familiar words, listen to different sounds, explore different things and support their needs. Some babies may need more support than others due to a disability. Praise is very important because it helps their self-esteem and confidence.

Play mats and mobiles which are great for children to reach out to and play with the toys there. Encourage babies to explore with different toys by putting interesting things beside them e. G. Soft materials, toys with lights and sounds, crinkle paper so they can feel different textures. Sing nursery rhythms to babies so they can copy the actions and facial expressions. Provide activities such as hand/sponge painting, playing with balls, building blocks and baby walkers. It stimulates creativity and imagination.

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These activities are good for developing their fine/gross motor skills and learning other new skills e. G. colors, textures, counting and helping babies to learn to walk. With any activity your baby does join in with them, talk to them, make it interesting and fun and always praise them. Babies learn by exploring with their hands, feet and mouth. They bang, throw, drop, shake and put items in their mouths. Babies are very alert, they follow adults with their eyes and head. Talk to babies about family members and names of family so they can recognize words and who family members are.

Provide colorful books with lots of pictures and touchy-feely books this gives babies tactile experiences which leads to brain development. Point and talk about the pictures in the books. Ask them questions about the book e. G. What color is the sky. Get them involved let them turn pages of the book. Make Sure you give the baby lots of praise and encouragement. La engage Babies enjoy finding their nose, eyes or tummy as part as a naming game. You can place mirrors to see their own reflection and talk with them about what they see. Babies express their feelings and needs by crying, gurgling and babbling.

When babies try to say words repeat it back to the baby and encourage them to say more. Singing nursery rhymes with babies is a great help for them to recognize words, learn new words and actions. This helps them to develop their language skills. Use sounds in play e. G. Brim for a car. Also use actions to support your words e. G. Waving your hand when you say bye bye. Give the baby praise by clapping and using facial expressions. Give he baby your full attention as this gives them confidence to talk more and communicate with others and they feel happy and proud they have learnt something new.

Babies are just starting to learn to recognize and manage their feelings. Babies experience a wide range of emotions such as affection, frustration, fear and sadness. Babies have tantrums when they are tired we can help to control their emotional expressions by giving the baby a teddy bear or another comfort object when upset so the baby can calm down. Listening and comforting babies to their needs helps the babies feel secure. The baby miles and giggles when they want more of something or turn their heads shut their eyes when they want less of something.

Social Babies are aware of others. They build good relationships with people that are close to them. By giving your baby lots of love and attending to their needs you establish a bond with your baby, which allows them to grow in a comfortable, confident and socially healthy atmosphere. Encourage babies to interact with others put out activities that other babies can get involved in e. G. Ball pool, sand and water and painting this helps babies build their confidence and self-esteem to play with others..

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