Principles Of Supporting Business Events

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Section 1 – Understand how to support the organisation of a business event

1. When organising a business event, describe the range of support activities that may be required.

When planning a business event you should find out how many people are coming then book the right venue. Organise the catering i.e. food and drink for the right amount of people. Book any accommodation for the people that may have travelled from overseas or can’t make same day travel. Arrange the guest speaker. Publicise the event to make people aware of the date/time/place.

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Name the guest speakers

2. Complete the table below by identifying two ways of providing support before, during and after a business event.

Before During After

1. Send out meeting invites
With RSVP to know how many people will be coming.
Always greet people with a smile and be polite. Be approachable1. Talk to individual parties/companies get their feedback and thank them or coming

2. Make sure the venue you book caters for everyone and has everything you need and the room isn’t too big/small for the amount of people coming 2. Sign people in, issue everyone with a name badge/information pack. Show people where to sit if you have allocated sitting plan.2. Review the event with your colleagues, this way you can find out if anything need to be improved

Section 2 – Understand the purpose of displaying professional and helpful behaviour whilst supporting a business event and how to do so

1. Explain the purpose of displaying professional and helpful behaviour when supporting a business event.

How you behave will affect the event and your business, if your friendly and polite and well groomed then this well make you more approachable for others to come and ask questions about the event. When talking make sure you always speak clearly, make eye contact and always have a smile e.g. you will more likely get support for similar events and also promote and advertise your business which is one of the main purpose of organizing an event/meeting

2. Describe ways of exhibiting professional and helpful behaviour whilst supporting a business event.

All staff is well presented i.e. clean, well groomed. Greeting people as they come in, hand out all information packs name badges, smile make eye contact when spoken to be polite, speaking clearly so people can understand you. Have a friendly approach. Having a positive attitude gives a positive outcome.

Section 3 – Understand how to deal with problems encountered when supporting a business event

1. What are the main types of problems that may occur when supporting a business event? You should include at least three different types of problems in your answer.

Process problem

Organising an event it’s always important to ask about any special requirement people may have limited mobility/disability e.g. Wheelchair accesses and disabled toilets and emergency exits, and any visually impaired and hearing problems. or have dietary Need

Equipment problems

The event requires catering then the failure of kitchen equipment may result in people not have the right refreshments or food

People problems

Late or absent people can have an effect on the whole outcome of the event, such as people turning up late means late start to the meetings staff in the wrong place at the wrong time

2. Identify possible solutions for each of the problems you have listed in Question 1 above.

Process problem

Finding out any special requests before hand is important such as people with limited mobility need to be able to access all area such as entrance, toilets. People with eyesight problems should have a choice to sit near to the front if the meeting/event has visual equipment. Find out if anyone had dietary restrictions such as vegetarian, diabetes, any allergies.

Equipment problems

Check the Equipment is in fully working order before you start the meeting/event. People who are properly refreshed and fed are more than likely to enjoy the event/meeting and make more of a contribution.

People problems

People arriving on time means everything can run smoothly and staff will be in the right place at the right time if the staffs have more than one area to cover. And the meeting/event can go ahead as planned at the planned time

It is also to remain calm and apologise to the people attending the event/meeting to all the above and make sure it doesn’t happen again

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