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Castration Solution to Abandoned Babies

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CASTRATION SOLUTION TO ABANDONED BABIES KUALA LUMPUR: Men who do not want to take responsibility after having made girls pregnant out of wedlock should be castrated. Venting his anger and frustration over the rising number of abandoned babies, Senator Ahmad Husin said only this could teach men to be more responsible in their actions. "In cases like these, those involved always disappear without a trace. We should just castrate them," he said after asking a supplementary question to Women, Family and Community Development Minister, Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil, on cases of abandoned babies yesterday.

Shahrizat said although the suggestion was radical yet creative and innovative, studies had to be done first as not all men were irresponsible. "Besides, we are not living in the past. We need to tackle the problem the 21st-century way, beginning from a strong family institution and awareness programmes," she told the house. Shahrizat said most cases of abandoned babies were due to weak family institution and where the responsibility of bringing up a child was left to other parties. "Parents are all too busy to pay attention to their children.

The family institution has become individualistic where parents `franchise' their kids for other quarters to bring them up. " Earlier, to a question by Senator Empiang Jabu, Shahrizat said four strategies - advocacy, prevention, support and research - would be used to tackle related issues. She said the ministry provided counselling and interactive workshops to give the public, especially young girls, deeper understanding on intimate relationships and its consequences. | New Straits Times, Apr 30, 2010 | by Ili Liyana Mokhtar

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Castration Solution to Abandoned Babies

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