Subliminal Messaging

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My first reaction to this assignment was if I actually believed in subliminal messages myself. I decided I didn’t but after I did further research, I was shocked. I watched you-tube videos and looked at pictures online of advertising. The biggest shock I found was in the Disney movies. After replaying certain scenes in movies I witnessed subliminal messaging first hand. Most of the messages were sexual references and I was actually quite disturbed by it.

For example, in a scene of “The Little Mermaid”, as Arial was walking up to the podium with her husband to be the priest got an erection. You can clearly see it happening. I never noticed it before until I started doing research on subliminal messaging. I did further research on other Disney animated movies and I found that there were a lot more ‘sexual’ subliminal messages in the movies and advertising that you don’t notice unless you are actually paying attention. Which brings me to my next point, Dr.

Brahrami states “If the brain is busy it can filter our subliminal things. The brains response to subliminal messages is not automatic and depends on how much attention the person is paying”. And that’s when I decided I completely agree. I think since I was actually paying attention and watching out for subliminal messages, I could see them. Most of the time when I’m watching movies I don’t see the sexual, demon or drug related messages companies are putting in their movies and advertising.

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Which leads me to my question, why would a company based on children put sexual things in a movie made for kids?! Well, then I started to think it was a coincidence to I did more research and found out there was a huge debate during this time when the Arial scene with the priest came out. What I found was that it was the priest’s knee. So for my conclusion of this paper, I think you interpret what you want to see. If your brain is actually searching for these messages, your brain will see what it wants to see.

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