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Standards & Discipline: “Discipline” Video Case Study

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Facilitator: Watching the video twice often ensures that participants are prepared to discuss the issues. Remember that SSG John Diem volunteered to share this story and served admirably and heroically in combat. Video summary: John Diem discusses the importance of discipline within the unit and the individual. “Just because you are overseas does not mean you do not continue to follow rules/standards/disciplines. You may not understand the reasoning behind these rules, but as professionals, you are expected to enforce and adhere to them. Length: 2:59 ? SSG Diem says, “When you allow your lack of understanding of these rules to become how you lead Soldiers and you allow yourself to discount them, that’s when you start having a negative effect. ” o What should a leader do when they don’t understand Army rules & standards? o Have your group write down and discuss when they’ve enforced a particular standard. ? Diem says, “So I don’t expect lieutenants, sergeants, privates, even staff-sergeants to understand all of these rules.

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Standards & Discipline: “Discipline” Video Case Study

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But I think the Army has the right to expect them to enforce them. ” o What do you think of this statement? o How can a leader use their military expertise to learn rules in order to enforce them? o Ask the group to share what impact a leader’s misunderstanding of rules or SOPs had on them as a subordinate? ? Diem also said, of upholding standards, “You have to find when to ease up on that and (when to) harshly enforce it. ” o How can “easing up” on a standard affect the performance of duties?

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