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The social integration theory takes a look in to how relationships go from very basic and shallow to intimate strong relationships. I can relate to this theory in both my personal and professional life. In my current relationship with my wife we were at a point where our relationship was very shallow and TLD really mean anything. We hung out with each other and had fun with other but nothing was serious about It at all. As time went on and we learned more about each other we also grew to Like each other and wanted to spend more time with each other.

The relationship was leaving he basic shallow phase to a more intimate phase. We began to spend time with each other exclusively without the company of others. This allowed out relationship to grow even deeper and more intimate. As we began to see each other exclusively we started to see our relationship grow and decided to make it official by getting married after three years of dating each other. I feel this theory played out well in my relationship with my wife and if very close of the description of the theory.

In all relationships there is always room from improvement whether it is small improvements or large Improvements. There are ways In which I and in some cases where my wife feel as If some portions of the relationship moved forward without full use of the social penetration theory. The relationship continued to move towards Intimate levels without the really getting to know each other any better and some things we should have known about each other before marriage. In the future I will continue to get to know my wife the best way I know how to as we grow in our relationship together.

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On the other side I started a job with a company and had no intentions of staying with the company because it wasn't providing anything I needs as far as my goals for my career. As I worked the Job and continued to look for employment that was closer to my career goals. I purposely chose not to get to know my coworkers and did just the minimum of work Just to get by until I could find something better. As time went on I began to get to know my coworkers a little better and found out that they had interesting thing to say and I was able to learn a lot from them.

A lot of my co workers are Hipic and I am able to learn a lot about the efferent cultures and ways of life. I also have learned that the Job does have benefits that It can offer me by offering me bonuses based on our performance on the job that is relatively easy. Know I have a good relationship with my co workers The relationship with my Job could have been more effective is I would have went in to the Job with the intentions if doing my best and I would have been able to reap the benefits of the bonus early on and probably would have earned a higher position a lot earlier.

I also would have gone in to the Job with a better attitude towards getting to know my coworkers. This could have built better relationships with my coworkers and could have met some really good friends. The social penetration theory is very alive in my personal and professional life. With the Communication Privacy Management theory, it focuses on when and how people choose to reveal personal and private information about themselves to others. This theory is one that a of people use in their daily lives when meeting new people.

I also use this theory as well when inviting someone new into my life or with someone I may already know deciding whether to trust them with additional information about myself. Whenever we meet someone new we may either be eager to get to know them or sometimes may be a little cautious about the person and want to take things slow and build up trust towards them. When we are eager to get to know someone we may reveal more about ourselves a lot quicker than we would in a normal situation.

When we are more cautious we want to reveal as little about ourselves as possible in an effort to protect ourselves from someone we do not know. This is more common among people who may have been hurt or scared by someone they revealed information to too quickly. As we get to know the person more and more we tend to let them closer and trust them a little more which can result in offering them more information about ourselves. There are situations where we offer information to people we may not want to or people we do not know.

This is often done when being questions for something such as a Job or by police. But for the most part people hold back their personal information until they feel more conformable offering it up to others. This theory also can relate to my currently employer as well. As mentioned with the revises theory I started this Job Just as filler and had no intentions of staying there because it didn't meet my career goals. I planned on keeping this information to myself and when I found a Job to meet my needs I would Just quit and start the new job with a career in mind.

As I worked the Job more and more I was able to learn about other employees planning to leave the Job for another Job for several other reasons. At first I still didn't want to reveal my intentions to others because I didn't word spreading that I wanted to leave because the Job didn't have a lot of employees ND would be a process to replace me. I also was worried about them knowing and getting the process started in replacing me and get fired from the Job before I can find another. One day I was having a bad day because of a disagreement with my wife before work.

When I went in to work I had a one on one with my manager who I began to feel more and more comfortable with. In this one on one she asked me what my plans were as far as growing with the company. I revealed to her that I had no plans and I was actually currently looking for employment with other companies that were more closely related to my career goals. I could have done this better by introducing the information about my desire to find employment with a company that was more catered to my career goals and possibly see if there is a position that he current company offers to allow me to grow to the position.

Organizational Culture companies that hire new people they introduce them to the culture of the company in an effort to show them how things are done and who is important to the company and why. Companies also would like to show them how and why they do things within the company. All of this is true for the company I currently work for. Most line level employees can agree that they are told they are the most important people in the company and they are the meat and potatoes and are the ones that keep the company going.

When these employees look at their paychecks they do not see how they are so important. Companies tend to use motivational talk to encourage employees to do their best rather than increase pay. They feel that if they make them feel important then they will try their best and be on board with the company core values and culture. In reality people who hold these positions have a completely efferent view as to how to feel important.

At my current Job the same story I told to us stating that we are the most important people in the company but we are the lowest paid and most worked with greater expectations. In this situation a lot of employees feel used and feel as if they are being taken advantage of because they are told one thing but in reality thing are different. This creates a culture of employees that do not feel the same as the companies think they do or would like them to feel. This creates a culture inside of the culture that the company created which is in a way a culture of the employees.

This is evident with a lot of companies now that have employees demanding better pay for the work that they do working for companies that may billions of dollars in months but pay their employees minimum wages. With all companies there will always be cultures inside of the company culture whether it is from values to religion or race; there will always be something to create smaller groups of people with similar goals, views, and values. In conclusion, the theories of communication offer us a deeper looking to the inner workings of immunization.

With the inside look in to communication we have a better opportunities to communicate with those in our personal lives as well as with those in our professional lives. In all that can make us at all around better person to those we have relationships with as they grow and become more intimate relationships whether it is romantic or platonic. We also learn how we can choose to communicate certain nothings and choose when the best time is and place to do so bases on our feelings. Finally we can see how communication can affect organizations and cultures.

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