Seven Deadly Sins

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Memoir/ Reflection Essay The seven deadly sins are always view in a negative way. Well since they are considered sins I guess they will ways be viewed that way. Like Pride is the desire to be better than everyone and love only oneself. Wrath is to have uncontrollable feeling of hatred and anger. Greed is to have a very excessive or plundering desire and pursuit of wealth, status, and power. Gluttony is excessive desire for food, or its withholding from the needy. Sloth is the failure to apply your talents and gifts by being lazy. Lust is excessive thoughts or desires of a sexual nature.

Envy is to be jealous of what someone or something you lack. But I think there is something good about the sins also. People never think about how these sins could be contributed into something good. Pride or Vanity is a dangerous yet sometimes helpful thing to have. It can help you show why your the right person for a job or why you deserve something more than someone else. But it can also lead to a lot of negative things as well. It can make you sound too full of yourself or make you sound cocky leading to people starting to find you annoying or even making them so jealous of you they start to hate you.

So its on you to decide what is more important, either having the people you know and love hate you for what you have or on the other side having them love you for your accomplishments. I feel like vanity is the sin that could make you or break you depending on how you spin it. Wrath or as it's more commonly known Anger is a sin that people experience more with other people or things than just by themselves. I feel wrath is the most violent of the sins as it is the act of people hating other people and with hate people tend to hurt others either physically or emotionally out of rage or revenge.

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We have seen wrath at its worst when the Twin Towers were crashed into. People led from being depressed to being so mad that our military had a dramatic increase just because people wanted to get back at the third world countries involved. But in turn that anger also led to our country being more patriotic than ever before. We have had more support from our civilians because of this Wrathful feeling, So I feel wrath is a important part in everyday lives whether good or bad. Avarice or Greed is what most people see as the root of evil.

It goes back to the story of Eden where Adam and Eve were tempted into eating the apple from the tree. But these days People are greedy for a variety of reasons, the most commonly being money. The second most common reason would tie into people just wanting more than everyone else. But sometimes that's not always a bad thing. I have seen people use greed to a good advantage. A prime example would be how greed led the economy to be great before this war. We wanted more so we spent more which led to people having more jobs and more work time to make the things we wanted to buy.

So yes I think greed can be a evil thing but also as a great thing. Gluttony is a tricky sin to say the least. Most commonly seen as the act of eating too much, it is actually just when you over indulge in anything. You could over indulge in time spent on something specific like how much time you spent trying to beat a certain game or time spent arguing over a certain point. But when related to food you can see Gluttony when people eat too much food or when people add things to their food just to have a more satisfying taste instead of just eating to sustain life.

I personally see gluttony as a growing satisfaction in peoples lives all around me. People love to eat, and again it can't be all that bad because it does still help out economy if we keep buying more and more food even if we don't need it. Sloth or better known as laziness is a sin everyone goes through at some point in everyday we live. Whether its not wanting to get up and do what we have to do or wasting time not pursuing things that we have the skills to do just because we don't want to use them. Personally I see sloth as the window to a wasted life.

We all have things we wish we could do but are to slothful to start. I used to play a lot of instruments as a kid and now a days I don't play but i wonder if I did what could of happened. But again sloth, like every other sin is not always bad. Maybe your slothful while trying to think of details for something like a wedding or even a paper your writing. You waste all this time just thinking instead of rushing through it that it may actually turn out to be a very good piece of writing. some things in life just take a little waste of time to make sure everything's right.

Lust is a very satisfying yet depressing sin to think about. It is the act of wanting someone or something so bad you do anything you can to get it. I have seen lust used all over this world and it can sometimes be a very scary thing. It can lead to false love or rape and it can also lead to dictatorships. Lust is something people all feel but have to learn to control as well. The story of Alexander The Great is a perfect example. He lusted for control and territory and through this lust he became one of the greatest kings back in the old days.

Now I feel lust could be a good thing as well but only if used right. Maybe your lust for someone can lead you to find out that you actually can fall in love with that person. You just have to learn to control your feelings and your cravings to allow yourself to do so. Envy is the sin that can trick your mind so well that you can't tell right from wrong. I have seen people being so envious of another it utterly destroys them emotionally and sometimes even physically. To be jealous of what other people have and look like is something that goes through every persons mind.

You may ask yourself "Why are they so much better looking than me? " or even "Why can't I have that? ". In my life I have felt this way just as much as everyone else but it lead me to learn that life isn't about what you do or don't have, but rather what you earn or what you do with what you have instead. The only way you can truly live happy is to realize your not like everyone else. Your you and there is nothing wrong with that fact. Now Envy can be a good thing to though. Maybe your not doing anything with your life.

Maybe your not going to school or don't have a job yet you see everyone else doing it so you get so jealous you decide to do it yourself. That's not a bad thing at all. So I have learned don't be envious, but just learn and do what needs to be done to make your life the way you want it to be. The seven deadly sins could have two observations about them; good and bad. So I think people shouldn’t always go by the negative views about something. Instead of seeing the glass half empty, they should see it half full. But yet again it is the seven deadly sins so no matter what they are always going to be view in a bad way.

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