Anger, a Deadly Sin

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The seven deadly sins include Pride, Greed, Envy, Anger, Lust, Gluttony, and Sloth. One of the seven deadly sins that I have suffered from is Anger. Anger is termed as being deeply resentful indignation and may include being impatient with the faults of others. Both of these come into play in the events that unraveled that one night in Charlotte, N. C. The following events occurred late on a Thursday night, whilst there was still a LOL autumn breeze blowing the leaves from their initial resting place, in downtown Charlotte.

As I approached the epicenter, the main nightlife area in Charlotte, I could taste the crispness in the air and knew that tonight would indeed be memorable. I went to the door of one of the popular local drinking holes and proceeded inside with my friends close behind. Soon after we entered you could tell that the crisp air was left outside and replaced with a rather uncomfortably humid haze. As we headed peer into the building the haze became natural and the influx of people around us seemed unimportant.

We walked up to the bar counter and ordered our drinks. We then continued to walk around and converse with the rest of the people inside. As the night progressed the effects of alcohol were taking its toll on some of the other people in the bar. Just as I was walking outside to get some fresh air someone bumped into me and spilt their drink all over my shirt and pants. This was the point that I couldn't control myself and broke one of the sins. I then pushed the other guy over and he fell down on the floor.

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I stormed off to the bathroom to dry off the stain that would of other wised been noticeable to everyone in the bar. We continued to catch glimpses of each other as the night progressed. I'd keep catching him looking in my direction and finally proceeded to confront him about the situation. Words were then exchanged and tempers began to flare. I don't know what overcame me but I began to go into a fit of rage. After making a scene we were then kicked out of the bar. This outcome was negative because it led to an early end to the night.

It also led to further fits of rage on our way back home afterwards. I began to get heated with the same friends that had come with me. The consequences for my actions were few but it did lead to my enlightenment on how to control my temper. Once I realized that I needed to take steps to develop self-control I looked up different ways to relax and relive stress. Some of the steps that I began to use were sticking to a firm workout schedule and having times of the day Just to relax.

There were no lingering implications following the event due to the fact that once I got kicked out no one else became involved. I was unfortunately consumed by the deadly sin of Anger. As the term states I was overcome with deep resentful indignation and it all started with the fault by the other man in the bar. After all that occurred suffering from the sin of Anger only led the need for self-control. The moral of this story is that it is better to handle situations in a peaceful manner rather than being overtaken by anger.

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