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Some Like It Hot

You must complete BOTH parts of this section. Format: – Each part must be written under the separate headings. – Present each of your observations as a bullet point.

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Each bullet point should identify your observation, indicate how and why this technique is used, and note the significance of this technique. – Note that you only have appear. 0 words per bullet point, since all ten bullet points are limited to 500 words, so you must be concise. – Each part has a series of terms/concepts which are there to help you think about the points you want to make.

You do not have to discuss each of these terms; they are provided as a guideline. – You must write about the SAME film that you choose for your close reading in Section II. A) Sound (5 marks, or 1/3 of 1 5%) Using bullet points, identify five (5) key elements of the way that sound, music, dialogue and/or silence are used in the sequence, and provide concise examples. If relevant, you may also consider film elements that stand in for sound, such as silent film titles.

Possible elements you may (but do not have to) consider in your five observations: dietetic and non-dietetic sound synchronous and asynchronous sound music dialogue silence sound-image relations effect of soundtrack on characterization, etc. Onscreen and officered sound Using bullet points, identify five (5) key elements of editing in the sequence and briefly note the significance of the way each is used. Order of shots duration of shots shot transitions (I. E. , type of cut) nonentity editing or breaks in continuity rhythm and pace of the edit editing principles effects of cuts, etc.

Short Essay (500 words) Putting It All Together (5 marks, or 1/3 of 1 5%) Write a short essay, with a brief introductory and concluding statement, that interprets your selected sequence in relation to the film’s narration and thematic concerns. Taking into consideration soundtrack and editing, discuss how this sequence elaborates the narrative meaning and main themes of the film as a whole. You should focus your points on the selected sequence, but strive to make injections to other parts of the film when/as relevant.

You may draw on your technical observations from Section I to support your points here, but do not simply repeat your bullet points from the earlier section. Possible questions to consider (this is a guideline only, to help with brainstorming): What tools of narration are used? How does editing function as a tool of narration in this sequence? How does soundtrack support and affect the narration? What is the function of the sequence in the overall narrative structure of the film? Hint: You MUST watch the clip provided several times to do well on this assignment.

To have a clear understanding of what your chosen film clip is about and how it fits within the narrative context, you will need to watch the whole film. ASSESSMENT CRITERIA the criteria below. What we’re looking for in Section l: accurate technical understanding insightful analysis (that is, how well you interpret the significance of the techniques rather than Just describing them) good choice of examples (from the clip) substance with succinctness (appear. 50 words per bullet point) What we’re looking for in Section II: analysis of how technical elements (e. G. Ration, editing, sound) work in combination with one another engagement with film theme(s) as supported by technical observations coherent essay structure focused on insightful, key points clarity of prose and correct English usage