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Rock and Roll Music

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Rock and Roll has influenced the music industry more then any other genre. Barriers were broken by rock musicians pushing the limits of social behavior. The sixties were the time when changes in history took place. Artists continue to make an impact on people without even trying. Dancers, singers, musicians and athletes want to practice their talents without being bothered. Critics are always watching ready to voice their opinions. This is opposition is what calls publicity to the artists.

“The Beatles were the greatest and most influential of the rock era, and introduced more innovations in popular music then any other rock band” (Authors of Billboard. com 1992-2005). Had it not been for the Beatles, there would be no Madonna, Britney Spears, Fergie, Beyonce or PussyCat Dolls. Elements of the Beatles Song “She Loves You. ” In the sixties, the Beatles were the main pop group. By today’s standards, the Beatles music would hardly be considered real loud or wild. The Beatles were a group of friends who sang for recreational purposes.

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When they were discovered, they had no formal training. They did not care about auditions. They had no voice lessons. Without all of the technical aspects, their songs still had all of the elements that musicians today spend hours and days perfecting and refining. In the song “She Loves You,” the four band members are playing basic simple guitars. The instrument largely determines the overall aspects of any song. The highest musical technology is a waste if the artists do not know how to shape the song.

Shaping is accenting the high points and low points of the song. Every artist’s has a unique way of shaping music his or her music. The dynamics is defined as the loudness and softness of a song (DuckWorth, 2004, P 358). In the song “She Loves You,” the dynamics do not have very significant level changes, according to today’s music analysis. Shaping makes up the melody of the song. People like or dislike music based on the melody. The rhythm of the song sounds like it was in 4/4 time. It has repeated series of strong and weak beats.

During the chorus, “She Loves Me” starts on the high notes or the strong beats of the song. When the musicians sing “yeah yeah yeah, that is when the weaker beats or phrases are accented. All of the Beatles songs sound improvised without much find tuning. When the song is recorded professionally, there are no significant changes from the time the artists were creating the song. The pitches, highs, mediums and lows of the song, is repeated through the entire length of the song. Conclusion;

Rock and Roll has made waves since the sixties. Many people associate the songs that were popular at the time with world events. Music is a big influence on society. I love Rock and Roll music because it is uplifting and upbeat. Rock and Roll music is often played at celebrations, festivals, and concerts. Favorite Rock and Roll songs mark pleasant memories that are easily forgotten. People dance, run, workout, rollerblade to Rock and Roll music. Rock and Roll music has always accompanied close friends parties, and meetings.

The Beatles music video can be viewed at http://video. google. com/videoplay? docid=2276715791126043108. Other sites that have plenty links to the Beatles music video links in full screen is AOL music. com. AOL provides hundreds of Beatles videos, interviews, documentary’s. Notes; DuckWorth, W. (2004 ) A Creative Approach to Music Fundamentals 8th Edition. Glossary Yudkin, J. (2004) Discover Music P 316-22. Authors of Billboard. com (1992-2005) Beatles Biography http://video. google. com/videoplay? docid=2276715791126043108

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