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Public Policing vs Private Security Comparison

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What are differences and similarities between the two roles? In the field of policing there are a couple different paths for an individual to choose from and they include private security and public policing. State government, city government, and towns normally provide the community with a public police force to enforce the laws and protect the citizens. Police officers are very important within a community but sometimes a private security can come in and help out and this frees up time for the public policing.

Private security personnel generally work for a private company that handles their own dispatching, training and recruiting. Private security functions include loss-prevention duties or protective services that would not be handled by public policing. Private security also specializes in closed circuit monitoring services, secret level clearance, drive by patrol. Private security does not have the authority to arrest anyone either; however they can detain until law enforcement get there.

Public policing officers are a function of the executive branch of government. Public officers are paid entirely from public funds that generate from grants, public sources, and revenues from taxes. Most private security organizations are paid from collecting a fee from their client. It is not uncommon for private security to go undercover like public police also, so that they can blend in the environment and be used as asset protection. The goals and training of private security and public policing are similar to each other.

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Private security and public policing are unique and successful in their own ways. The way that the private security and public policing organizations function and interact within each other is different; however they both function with leadership. The differences in public policing and private security would include the duties of the job. Police officers duties include responding to emergency calls, patrol public streets and monitor the traffic; private security may have the duty to be on duty at a supermarket or retail store, a bank or even drive an armored car.

Some of the similarities of private security and public policing would be that they both hire men and women and both organizations are required to wear uniforms. The use of uniforms lets citizens know who security is and who the officers are. Both organizations offer in-house training. Some private security officers are permitted to carry guns just like public policing. How does leadership differ between the two roles? Public policing and private security both have a positive relationship with the criminal justice system but they are held to different standards.

They use their resources to help work together when needed by sharing information, joint operations, networking, training and the development and promotion of state and federal legislation of mutual interest (Ortmeier, 2009). What is the relationship of each role with the criminal justice system? The relationship of each public policing and private security is that they both have the goal to deter crime. The public policing works to keep and prevent crime, maintains order, and responds to dispatched calls and reported crimes on public and private property.

The relationship for private security is they can help out with terrorist threats, and other crimes that may affect the world, and in return that helps out the public policing in the fact that if they work together they can defend our homeland. What are the essential policies for each role? For private security the essential policies that would be needed would include to have a qualified staff, insurance, and have a license with that state, most are given after a background is checked at both federal and state levels.

Some of the other policies that private security organizations should have would be the following : Acceptable Use Policy that defines what employees are allowed to do on company property, while using company resources and equipment, this should be made know to all staff so that there are no excuses or exceptions. There should be a privacy policy in effect; this is important because there are many laws and regulations that address privacy. Included in the privacy policy notification should be made that about the logging user activity, monitoring internet usage; including recording keystrokes.

Password policy is another good policy to have in effect so that certain protocol is used when creating and issuing password within the company and included could be the account lockout protocol that will be used within the company. Destruction and Disposal policy which will define how and when to get rid of stuff. Storage and Retention policy will explain what items need to be kept for a number of years, things such as auditing date, financial history and customer information.

The next policy would be an incident response policy and this policy would be to handle security breaches. Classification policy that way workers understand to use the information properly rather it is private or sensitive. Human resource policy and this should be covered in the way that employees are supervised, code of ethics, sort of like a company handbook one that will explain repercussions for certain behaviors and tardiness. Change management policy since one of the biggest threats to security is when things are unmanaged and unknown or even changed.

The last policy for private security would be firewall policy and this would cover the essential components of the entire security structure, these are important to protect against cybercrimes. Public policing essential policies would include: use of force policy that explains how to not abuse the power of their authority, another police policy to have would be a policy on the code of ethics and this would define what ethical and non-ethical behavior is and what is expected of them as an officer of the law. Describe and discuss the importance of a comprehensive security plan, and its key components.

The importance of a comprehensive security plan is in case something happens to the organization, it can somewhat be repairable to getting back on track. If an organization is aware of what the threats may be then they would know what they need to do to avoid these and prevent incidents from happening, instead of waiting for an incident to happen first. Developing a comprehensive security plan requires deliberate and methodical analysis. The purpose of the security analysis is to expose any security breaches so they can be addressed in a controlled manner and the comprehensive security plan can be created from a broad analysis.

The analysis will keep resources in mind and will be directed based on the individual needs of the client and while protecting the assets of the company. The components of the comprehensive security plan include asset definition, vulnerability analysis, and threat assessment, selection of countermeasures and implementation of the plan. It is important to make policies for the client to follow along with their workers and these policies must be made know if they are expected to be followed. Incompetence and carelessness equals ncreased legal liability and financial loss. The key components consist of overlapping the features that provide mutual support and direction of the program: personnel, devices, procedures and policies. References Comprehensive Security Services, Inc. (2012). Retrieved from http://www. comprehensivesecurity. net Global Knowledge Training LLC. (2010). 10 Essential Security Policies. Retrieved from http://isaca. org Ortmeier, P. (2009). Introduction to security: Operations and management (3rd ed. ). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson/Prentice Hall.

Public Policing vs Private Security Comparison essay

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