Promoting Electric Vehicles in Hong Kong

Last Updated: 13 Jan 2021
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Advantages of using EV (Electric Vehicles) in Hong Kong Improved air quality Electric vehicles have zero emissions at the tailpipe. The wider use of EVs can greatly improve roadside air quality and reduce exhaust emission. Better suited to the urban environment: saving up to 1800-1900 gear changes a day helps reduce driver fatigue, while reduced noise pollution is a benefit to services delivered in residential areas Reduced noise Noise from traffic and transport is a major or fairly major problem.

At high speeds, most noise is down to wind and tyres so there is little difference between ICE and electric vehicles. However, electric vehicles are almost silent whilst idling. Incentives Government would extend the waiver of the first registration tax on electric vehicles for five years from April 1, 2009 to March 31, 2014. Low running costs EVs also have higher fuel efficiency than conventional petrol/diesel vehicles. It costs about HK$2. 20 for a normal petrol seven-seater to run for about one kilometre and HK$1 for better ones. However, it apparently only costs about 10 Hong Kong cents for EV.

To fully charge up EV, all it takes is about HK$10. That is enough for it to run about 100 kilometres. It is probably cheaper than riding on a bus. Cost savings not only in fuel (up to 10 times cheaper), but also in maintenance (less wear and tear, fewer services). There are also potential significant cost savings in the long-term. Travel distance of EV without recharging the battery In general, electric vehicles today can travel over 100km with a fully charged battery. The distance of 100km can suit most of the drivers in Hong Kong daily.

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