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Power breakdown in Pakistan

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With drying of sea water, touching of oil prices to its peak, damaging of roads and streets, disappearing of electricity in cities is clearly giving idea of present condition of Pakistan. According to revolutionary Russian leader Lenin defined socialism as, “the electrifician of the whole country and the transfer of power to the people’s representatives” (cited by Kabir, 2002). For revolutionary development of any country, it is important that the country should be electrifying.

As all industries and business which help to rise economy of country depends on energy in one form or another. Since many years, the looming energy crisis in Pakistan has covered us like spider net but, in recent months it has been increased and got a massive shape that could damage the economy and autonomy of the country. According to one report in The News, “this summer, the country faced an electricity deficit of over 2,500 megawatts (MW) … it is feared that by 2010 the gap between demand and supply could reach up to 8,000 MW” (Asif, 2007).

Breakdown of power supply to cities has devastating effects on economical and social aspects of country, which could reduce by some strategies and principles. According to environment report given by Pakistan Environmental Protection Agency (2005), “Pakistan has 18 gigawatts of electric generating capacity. ” This power generating capacity has been increased in few years with aids of foreign investors.

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Blackouts and transmission losses are still in tradition in some areas due to inefficient quality of infrastructure, illegal power supply (Kunda system), water shortage, poor co-ordination between power supply agencies, extraneous electricity decoration. There are only two main state-owned power sector in Pakistan i. e. Water and Power Supply Authority (WAPDA) and Karachi Electricity Supply Cooperation (KESC). Cooperation of these two sectors makes electricity able to transmit and distribute in all region of Pakistan.

Power breakdown in Pakistan essay

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