BAA’s Communication Breakdown

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The biggest challenge facing the British Airports Authority, or BAA, is allowing itself to move forward without sacrifice. Group leaders want to expand their authority while being a good community neighbor. Problems exist considering that the organization proposed to enlarge Heathrow Airport. BAA officials knew they could not start those improvements until area residents complied with their requests. (Olivant, 2000) Most companies put in this situation would follow their agendas because they (a) had their shareholders’ position in mind (b) their own interest in mind or (c) they could.

(Olivant, 2000) What BAA executives did instead was speak with affected groups to determine what could be done to please everyone. The solution was a “Contract with the Community” that openly addressed public concerns ranging from air pollution to runway expansion. The results were increased community support and the backing to continue serving its customers. (Olivant, 2000) This move became telling, as the BAA switched leaders in March 2008 to streamline best practices and to bolster travel in and out of Heathrow Airport.

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(Pagano, 2008) The hiring of Colin Matthews as the CEO was instituted to get those changes and attitudes about the airport done. Getting security in line with modern technology and addressing the expansion issues in making the airport more suitable for travel. (Pagano, 2008) Whether this move pans out for the BAA remains to be seen. It was perceived that should the move to change the CEO at the BAA be unsuccessful, then it would make for a real communications problem because the BAA Chairman Sir Nigel Rudd would also resign. BAA 2 List of References

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