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Position of Prefect

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The King John School Prefect Application Form ------------------------------------------------- Surname: Hay First Names: Harry Charles Title: Mr Tutor group: 10-10 Personal Statement You should consider me to be a prefect, as I am a very hardworking, enthusiastic, organised and punctual student who is honest and mature and would love the position of representing the school. I think that all of my achievements which I have received throughout my time at King John, outlines what sort of student I am.

I believe that my academic achievements and extra-curricular awards will give me great success if I was to become a prefect. I have received various awards such as prize-giving awards for academic success, sporting achievements, The Jack Petchey award, for my mannerism, politeness, personality and my helpful and courteous attitude towards staff. Last year I gave up my time after school, to help organise a year 10 parents evening. I have also collected achievements such as the 100% attendance award during school, and the student of the term award. My most recent award, is the Duke of Edinburgh award at Bronze level.

I am currently working towards my Silver award, which is a two year course. All of my awards I have received academically, and outside of school, I am very proud of. I am always working hard, reaching my potential in everything I do. One example of this is me taking advantage of my lunch and breaktimes, by completing homework, learning with the resources available, and revising for subject examinations, so that after school, during weekends and during school holidays, I can take time to socialise, relax, do extra revision, and fit in any plans I may have, such as training sessions for my Triathlon club.

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I believe that my positive approach and attitude to learning will help me take up the role of being a prefect. Qualifications Subject| Target Grade| Maths| B| English| C| Science| B| Media| pass| French| C| History| C| ICT| pass| P. E| N/A| Relevant experience The responsibilities I’ve had and have include: * Helping out at a local church club called Anchor Boy’s, by being a leader. I encourage, supervise and help young children to learn every week on a Friday, in various activities including art and craft, games and reading and listening skills. During my role as club captain for my triathlon club, I’ve again given support to people above and below my age. I have presented awards, and made sure the club is running smoothly by organising club sessions, being a marshal for club races, and taking charge of stretches at the beginning and at the end of training sessions. By being part of my triathlon club, I have learnt how to work in a team, and individually. * I have been selected to be a prefect at my previous school, and have been part of the play leading scheme at my junior school.

By being both a prefect and a play leader, I’ve had to monitor other pupil’s behaviour, and I made sure the students were meeting the requirements of the school rules. This is something I will definitely take into account if I was to become a prefect. Hobbies and Interests 1. Triathlon – I believe that this will support my application, as it promotes my self-esteem. It has made me develop time management skills, learn about adversity and determination. I also learn about goal setting for not only sport, but it also allows me to apply goals circularly. 2.

Boy’s Brigade- In this weekly club, I advance habits of obedience, reverence, discipline and self-respect. I think that this will support my application, as it shows my commitment, and personal qualities. 3. Canoeing/kayaking-Whilst learning skills for this sport, I also develop individuality and the ability to work in a team. The role of being a prefect * I see the role of being a prefect as responding to unacceptable behaviour made by students, and reporting it to a teacher if necessary. Prefects respond to incidents which occur, and deal with the matter sensibly.

If students; * Intimidate anyone, * Are abusive to anyone, * Damage the property of anyone including School property, * Persistently break School rules, * And are personally disrespectful, Then it should be dealt with, as it is unacceptable behaviour. Prefects are pupils who have more authority than other pupils. They are usually responsible and well-behaved. They are to help the teachers out by spotting trouble and helping students and others around the school that have issues, for example they may direct students, new members of staff or visitors where to go.

Prefects will over-look bullying, and refer the pupils to a member of staff. On parents evenings, open days and award nights, and other school related events, prefects should be there, ready to assist anyone. For example; giving out and pouring drinks, directing parents/visitors/students in the right direction, and if need be, stay with them. Prefects should be well behaved and good role models towards the school, by being punctual, having a good attitude and wearing the correct uniform smartly. How could the prefect application process be improved?

Personally, I think that the layout of the application should be improved, to a more formal standard. I thought the questions listed on the form, are very good, as you can receive a lot of detail from students. I think that the boxes should be expanded to a larger size, as I do not think that there is enough room to fit in lots of content, in some cases. Tutor statement Signed: | Declaration: I confirm to the best of my knowledge that the information given on this form is accurate and that I have not omitted any facts, which may have a bearing on my application. Signed:| Date:|

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