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Evidence-Based Strategies Name: Institution: Date: Finding a new life after an abusive marriage and prison sentence is an article that talks about a woman who was a police officer. Her husband used to abuse her physically and psychologically and one day she shot the husband as he was trying to beat her (Finding a New Life, 2014). For two sisters, A family bond tightens in bullet's wake is an article that talks about a fourteen year old Aka Leigh Harriet who is paralyzed from the chest downwards after being shot when she was three years.

Her elder sister Ajax David does blamer herself as the cause of the little sister being paralyzed as a result of being shot. She gives many reasons as to why she blames herself for her sister being shot (For Two Sisters, 2014). Describe the major adjustment issues discussed in each story. According to the article on Finding a new life after an abusive marriage and prison sentence does display major adjustment issues. These issues include physical abuse and psychological abuse by her late husband whom the wife killed.

The husband used to beat her and this resulted into psychological abuse for the wife which caused used the wife to feel pain as a result of being mistreated. This caused the wife to shoot the husband so that she could be free from the depression. According to an article for two sisters, a family bond tightens in bullet's wake, there are adjustment issues like the older sister Ajax David blaming herself for being responsible for a little sisters who was shot and became paralyzed.

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This is because Ajax thinks she did not take good care of her sister and she was not careful enough and that's why she was shot. Examine at least three (3) evidence-based strategies from the selected articles that could help the individuals enhance their adjustment skills. One evidence-based strategy is cognitive behavioral therapy. This therapy is normally of two types which are cognitive therapy and behavioral therapy. Cognitive therapy does focus on a person's opinions and attitude and the way they control a person's mood and behaviors.

Behavioral therapy focuses on a person's behavior and intends to modify unhealthy behavior patterns. Cognitive behavioral therapy is important because it helps people to solve heir present problems and come up with various ways of solving the issues. Another strategy is the dialectical behavior therapy is used to treat people who have borderline personality disorder which is involved in suicidal thinking and behavior. This therapy helps to teach people new skills to help them deal with their situations in the right way.

There will be a change in the way people behave so that there will be few incidences of people suffering from psychological problems. People will be able to control their characters and attitudes in the right way in order to avoid sisters situations. Interpersonal therapy is another strategy that helps in improving communication behavior and the way people communicate with others to help relieve depression. This therapy assists people to interact with other people in the right way and direct a person to change their attitude.

This will bring better communication among various families that face the problem of miscommunication with their family members hence families will live free from distress. There will be low incidences of psychological issues happening in families. Recommend the evidence-based strategy that is best suited for the people in the selected articles. Provide a rationale for your response The best evidence-based strategy for people in the above articles is the interpersonal therapy which assists to improve communication between family members and other members.

This means that in the article finding a new life after an abusive marriage and prison sentence, communication was the best way in which the problems could have been solved better. If there was better communication between the spouses, then there could be no physical abuse and psychological abuse since they could have solved their robbers. This could not have caused the wife to shoot the husband (Cornier, Nurses, & Osborn, 2009). Better communication skills between the spouses could have helped to minimize the anger of the husband so that he could not continue to beat the wife without any reason.

This could help the wife to minimize her distress which lead her to kill the husband because of the pain she felt living a life full of distress. For two sisters, A family bond tightens in bullet's wake article communication is the only way that could have helped Ajax David to have no depression as a result of not having to blame herself. This is because she thinks she was responsible for her little sister being shot hence her being paralyzed. If only Ajax David had talked with the little sister after her being shot she could not have felt being responsible of what happened to her sister.

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