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As the company intends to make its position more strong, it is capturing new products markets and adding new categories to its product line. As discussed above the company is looking forward to acquire some financial service companies in Australia, so that might damage the reputation of the company as it may confuse the clientele of the company.


The company is looking forward o some public collaboration in Australia. The Chinese industry is a big opportunity for the company apart from Middle East where its presence has already been signified with 17 projects

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All successful businesses draw competition. At one point of time, it may become difficult for the consumer to distinguish between the Worley Parsons brand and other competitors. Also, the price competition may damage the business. The joint ventures, strategic alliances and mergers could see the company losing its top position in some markets Pestel analysis This analysis is a useful tool to understand the market growth and the business position of Worley Parsons. This analysis throws light upon the current position and the strategy of the company to achieve better results every financial year.

It also analysis the performance of the company in accordance with the market environment and what are the forces of change that are required to build a successful organization.

Transport Vision

1. The Company is looking forward to build a total integration plan between urban and Inter Urban mobility services in order to ensure better communication services between departments.

2. Introduction of Watchdog regulator, which takes care of proper land use planning of transport needs.

3. Greater use of environmentally friendly / appropriate modes for a particular trip.

Mechanisms are in place which manages access to the network thereby reducing congestion, optimizing available capacity and reducing travel and freight pollution. Also read R yanair PESTLE analysis

Drivers for Consumer Change

1. Move towards a consumer based democracy which is managed with the help of a better management market system. 2. International acquirement and diversification in trade.

Greater leisure time / more quality time / spent locally with access for all (i. e. little social exclusion)

Legal Concept

1. Regulation the key instrument: to provide a framework in which people / companies can make a profit. Although this is laissez-faire, the law also provides a key instrument by which the company achieves its goals. Powerful organizations require anti-trust solutions.

2. Markets will be left to devise the control mechanisms. They will resist overregulation.

3. There will be pressure to reduce barriers to market entry, e. g. full disclosure of public contract terms

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