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Attract the reader/listener by good persuasive speech topics

It goes without saying that writing is a fascinating process. Nevertheless, we have to follow some rules in order to make our paper excellent. First and one of the most important things is to attract the target audience as it is the consumer of your good. That is why your task is to create such masterpiece that will be interesting and useful for people of different age. We have prepared for you several basic tips that will transform your writing into the “sweet pie” for readers.

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  1. Always give a clear guide to action. No matter how inspiring your performance is, any audience will prefer to learn something immediately, to apply new knowledge in their lives. Inspiration is great, but the use of your material is more important. So do not be afraid to say: "Think about the material today, and do something new tomorrow."
  2. The topic of the persuasive speech should be relevant, that means that, in science and practice, there is an urgent need for this topic. In the persuasive speech, the first point should be the relevance of the topic of research.
  3. The chosen topic should have a scientific novelty; it means that the applicant could say that he did something new that nobody had done before.
  4. The topic of the work should be meaningful. The results of research on the topic will contribute to a science or practice.
  5. Having adjusted the subject of the dissertation, it is necessary to discuss it with the scientific leader, and then transfer it for approval. It should be noted that the topic of the research may be changed in the course of research, which depends both on the results of scientific research and the development of scientific research.

How to speech ideas, persuasive speeches and speech topics for college students

Most of the students know that the delivering of the thoughts is an art and a crucial skill that we should develop. The persuasive speech is an excellent way to practice such skill because it aims to present how to lead the argument. Such kind of speech can influence the heart of target audience and help to be the winner even if your arguments are not strong enough. This article gives you some good persuasive speech topics that can appeal to the audience and make your debate a huge win.

The kind of the theme influences your unique speech. Remember if the topic hasn’t been investigated yet you will meet difficulties with finding credible sources. Moreover, you should have the interest in your topic as it is boring to write about the things that annoy you. On the other hand, if the topic is too spread it will be complicated for you to find new and interesting facts or sources that haven’t been used. Your task is to find such branch of science and sphere that is interesting for you. The next step is to pick the problematic issue and write the persuasive content. We highly recommend you to use critical thinking while choosing the topic because you have to predict if your favorite theme will be interesting to listeners.

The persuasive speech is a type of literary performing in which the author uses his personal opinions to attempt and adjust the reader’s point of view about the topic. The person who aims to persuade somebody tries to use different devices in order to have success.

There is a dozen of topics college students can choose. They may be connected with law, environment, family, politics, or it can even be policy speech topics. You can write about something connected with illegal immigration: how to tackle it? Or make interest on the next 10 issues:

  • Genetic factors are less important than environment when it comes to intelligence.
  • Is there a reasonable level for a number of plastic surgeries that one person can have?
  • Should countries make fast food networks accountable for obesity population?
  • Ways to fix pension plans.
  • Steroids should not be used by anyone.
  • Working women don’t have to get more privileges than men.
  • The press should be given more rights.
  • Health insurance and its benefits as a mandatory measure.
  • People should not go into space as tourists.
  • Juvenile pregnancy undermines the chances for good future of the mother and child.

You can play with any topic, write or talk about everything in the world. Make sure this topic is close to the speaker and interesting to listeners. For example, you can flash your erudition, and pick up a theme about some unique animal, or unknown inhabitants of the underwater world. You can write about methods of education, and it will be a very successful performance, which will come from the heart.

Types of persuasive speeches. Persuasive speech examples.

There are many types of good speech topics. We want you to take a look at the next ten groups of the best ones:

  1. Religion:

Should prayers be allowed in every school?

The religious diversity.

Different concepts of religion.

The question of religious freedom.

Has occultism the right to leave?

  1. Politics:

Genocide and its consiquences.

Are taxes important for the USA?

The German emigration.

The effects of Affirmative Action.

The advantages and disadvantages of the integration.

  1. Education:

The education for people with disabilities.

The advantages of the homeschooling.

How to avoid school violence?

The necessity of standardized tests.

Gender discrimination at school.

  1. Economics:

The reason for China's prosperity.

The economic forecast for the next five years.

How the countries deal with the budget deficit.

Will socialism exist in 50 years?

The cooperation of the developed and developing countries.

  1. Health:

The effect of tobacco on the human body.

The pros and cons of vaccinations.

The reason for sleeping disorders.

The harmful effect of fast food.

Is vegetarianism useful for one's health?

  1. Ecology:

The causes of black hole appearance.

The risk of global warming and its influence.

Is the recycling important?

How to decrease pollution and protect the nature?

The effects of deforestation.

  1. Social media:

Television violence and it's effect on children.

Can newspapers and magazines be trusted?

Is the freedom of speech a reality?

Should alcohol advertising be prohibited?

The censorship in social media.

  1. Technology:

In what way do computer viruses attack the laptops?

The scheme of the search engine work.

How do video games affect children?

The drawback of the Information Age.

How did mobile phones change the society?

  1. Family:

The immortal family problems?

How to protect children from the harm of the parents’ divorce?

Should same-sex marriages be allowed in all countries?

The age problem of the spouse.

The children of the gay couple?

  1. Social issues:

International race question.

Men and women discrimination.

How to protect the rights?

Is it human to restrict birth rate?

Ways for increasing of adoption?

Nowadays the theme of space is becoming more and more popular, that’s why we want to show you a short example based on the topic: “Should people be anyhow connected with space?” Hope we will meet all your wishes and expectations.

People are just sand in a huge and vast space. All our lives, all our affairs, problems and joys, ups and downs occur on one small ball, lonely rotating around the star. We do not know much about space; there will pass years, centuries, millennia and humanity will open this long beautiful road into space.

Today the world has become completely different. The International Space Station with courageous astronauts aboard makes 16 rotations every day around the Earth. Space agencies from different countries often launch near-Earth satellites, and SpaceX plans are going to deliver people to Mars by 2026!

We do not cease to improve our knowledge of space and the development of technology, and someday this knowledge will reach such levels, of which even the humanity does not dream of. We do not have the opportunity to fly to the nearest stars, we even hardly go beyond the native Solar system. An infinitely long and beautiful road to space for us is still closed.

Sending the necessary rockets to the near-Earth orbit requires a lot of money, that’s why further development of astronautics depends on the money issue. I think that it’s not necessary to look for expensive and at the same time very practical ways of launching space rockets and ships. It is a pity that the eternal problem of all humanity - lack of funds - also touched the space issues.

Fortunately, you are lucky to use your imagination and pick the topic according to your tastes. Be brave to express your thoughts. The most significant thing is to have enough inspiration to complete the best persuasive speech. Your speech should be full, sustain and interesting for those who will get acquainted with it. Do not postpone and show the creativity and richness of the inner world now. Be sure that your big success consists of the small steps and pieces.

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