Personal Influence Model, Intercultural Communication

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1. 0 Literature Review 1. 1 Personal Influence Model Public Relations Practitioners in Chinese society lead by traditional value especially confucism. (Yi-Hui Huang, “The Personal Influence Model and Gao Guanxi in Taiwan Chinese Public Relation”,28th Dec 2010 Confucism ) emphasize five cardinal Relations(wulun). Yi-Hui Huang stated the unhealthy situation, where people can use own personal influence (Guanxi) major and favour ( mianzi and renqing ) to to reach a shortcut coorperation.

This will causes the lost of human resource in community, where people who have the ability may not contribute due to the imperfectness of managing public relationship, and not being treated fairly. However, Gupta, Chandi and Barlett, Jennifer L. 2007 mention this hierarchical system is to reduce conflict between people, it’s managed by establishing guanxi and giving mianzi reciprocally, and is often establish through determining commonalities between the parties and giving mutual respect to each other.

Palanca in Mexico and throughout Latin America, for example, dictates how personal networks function. Such interpersonal networking focuses more on trust, less on legal systems, more on relationships, and less on principles, which is more on 1. 2 Intercultural Communication Intercultural communication affect the models of publics relations as the different culture will affect the way of public relation practitioner do their job. (R. S Zahara, American University, 2001) Example, ‘Intercultural harmony’ communication campaigns such as “Merdeka Day” is always practice in Malaysia and Singapore.

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Being big companies, especially multi-national companies, public relation practitioners need to understand different kind of culture. Cultural sensitive will seriously affect the business that’s why PR practitioners should know about situational issues within an external environment. ( Zulhamri Abdullah, 2007) 1. 3 International Public Relations Different countries practices different cultures therefore PR practitioners from different countries have their own ways of working things out when it comes to using PR strategies. Basically, different aspects in the countries uch as its economic system, political ideology level of activism and the media culture will affect their PR practitioners in the country. Besides these aspects. The country technology’s development such as the satellite communication and so on also affects the way they do PR. (R. S Zahara, 2001) Reference Zuhamri Abdullah, ‘Towards international cultural diversity management of public relation. 1(2):285-299(2007),department of communtication, faculty of modern language and communication, University Putra Malaysia’ Timothy L.

Howard, Carol AnnHackley,Qingwen Dong, ‘The Impact of Palanca in shaping Mexico Public Relation,2009 Gupta, Chandhi and Barlette, Jennifer L. (2007) Guanxi,astrology and symmetry: Asian business and its impact on public relation practice. Asia Pacific Public Relation Journal, 8(1). Yi-Hui Huang,(2000) ‘The Personal Influence Model and Gao Guanxi in Taiwan Chinese Public Relations’. Public Relations Review,26(2):219-236,Elsevier Science Inc. Krishnamurthy Sriramesh,(2001) International public relations :A framework for future research. Journal of Communication Management, Henry Stewart Publications.

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