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Critique a Oral Presentation

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Research the average salary range for the position, keeping in mind: * The company and Its culture (use annual reports, Web sites, reference materials available at libraries such as "Business Directory") * The geographic location Your own market value (years of experience, education) * Assess your personal criteria * What are your "must haves"? * What are your "would like to haves"? * What are your "can live without"? Poise: This is the ability to remain calm and confident in uncomfortable situations.

You will demonstrate poise if you: * Do not reveal your salary requirements too early * Convey confidence (remember, you would not have gotten the Interview If they didn't think you could do the Job! ) ; Show enthusiasm Stay positive * Take your time when an offer is made (ask for time to think about it) Professionalism: The way you negotiate is an example of the behavior the employer will expect to see on the Job. Things to keep in mind: * understand the dynamics of the situation (for instance, you may negotiate differently if you have been in Job search a long time vs..

If you have several offers to consider) * Remain positive - you and the employer share a common goal getting you to feel good about joining the company * Be confident - companies expect negotiation * Ask questions - hearing how they arrived at their offer may give you clues about alternatives * Detach from the outcome - it will help you relax AND you won't alienate your future boss * Focus on the value of the total package * Look for different ways to achieve your objectives Know when to quit What to do if the company requests your salary requirements or salary history: * If job announcements request that you provide salary requirements in your cover letter, research what similar positions pay in that geographic location. Respond by giving a broad range, perhaps 10% above what you think it should be. (For a $39,000 position, you could say: "Your ad requested salary requirements. Given my education Ana experience, Dates on my research I expect to De considering something In ten $40,000 to $50,000 range.

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Research the company before you negotiate. 4. Be enthusiastic and professional during negotiations. . Never stop selling yourself. (Keep telling the company how you will benefit them throughout the negotiation process. ) 6. Ask for a few perks you can do without. (This gives you bargaining room. ) 7. Be willing to walk away. (You II be more confident, and you may receive higher compensation. ) 8. Don't say yes to an offer right away. (Be enthusiastic and appreciative when receiving the offer, but ask for at least 24 hours to respond. This gives you time to get over your initial elation at being selected and to determine if the Job is the best one for you. )

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