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Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth

This short essay contains an outline of the pertinent points and concepts discussed by R. Businessmen Fuller In his essay Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth, which puts forward one argument for evolution. ‘Earth is only eight thousand miles in diameter, which is almost a negligible dimension in the great vastness of space.

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Our nearest star – the sun – is ninety-two million miles away. The nearest star after that ‘is one hundred thousand times further. It takes approximately four and one-third years for light to get to us’ (Fuller: 1969: Pl) It puts us Into perspective.

We are Just one of nine planets In one of one Right now, we are traveling at sixty-thousand miles an hour around the sun, as well as spinning axially, which adds approximately one thousand miles per hour to our motion. Each minute we both spin at one hundred miles and zip in orbit at one thousand miles. ‘ However our earth is so ‘extraordinarily well invented’ that we don’t feel this. To our knowledge, humans have been on earth for two million years’ and not even been aware of this. ‘Its so superbly designed’ that It Is able to keep life regenerating despite’ the fact that it should be impossible.

Fuller: 1969: Pl ) To our knowledge, the sun has to be at Just the right distance away from us to be able to emit the energy we and our plants need to survive but not too close as to fry us. We also have to have the perfect amount of gravitational pull to hold us to the earth. Too much and we wouldn’t be able to move but not enough and we would float off Into space. If either one of these were to be slightly out of place we wouldn’t exist. This, from our knowledge to date 18. 10. 13, is proven by the fact that in our Milky-way we are the only planet with life form.

That’s not to disprove that in the future we loud find other life forms existing on other planets in other galaxies. It is statistically probable that there are other planets homing other species because of the fact that there are approximately one hundred billion other galaxies. There are approximately 8. 7 million different animal species on earth (Moral, C et all 2011) plus another 400,000 different species of plant Offers: 2008) All of these survive on the earths surface. However there’s not just one of each species.

For example, there are approximately 7,186,560,610 humans on this planet (accurate at 10:ma’am 18/10/13). Current World Population: 2013) If we assume that every species has that number of participants then you are looking at 6. 5397702 x ION 6 (calculated by humans x animal species + humans x plant species) That’s a lot for one planet to keep alive. Its amazing that we even exist and yet we do. Not only do we exist but we have evolved. ‘Quite clearly, all of life as designed and born is utterly helpless at the moment of birth’ and humans ‘stay helpless for a lot longer’ than any other species. ‘intellect. We had to experience and learn how to contend with difficulties and wrought ‘comprehensive reviews of the compound facts of experiences using intellect’ we found ‘awareness. ‘ We can differentiate between the red berries that will kill us and the red berries that will nourish us. ‘ (Fuller: 1969: UP) We have also learnt to cultivate more of these botanical edibles by genetically inbreeding (Fuller: 1969: Pl) ‘Only as [man] learned to generalize fundamental principles of physical universe did man learn to us his intellect effectively. ‘ (Fuller: 1969: UP) We have been able to discover and understand science. That we are endowed with such intuitive and intellectual capabilities’ which we have gained from experiences and the earth have meant that we are able to discover fundamental principles governing the fundamental design of life. ‘ (Fuller: 1969: UP) For example, R. N. A (Ribonucleic Acid) and D. N. A (Deoxyribonucleic Acid) and in discovering these we have been able to ‘increase our survival potentials millions fold. ‘ (Fuller: 1969: UP) In conclusion, we are only one small species on one tiny planet in the ‘great vastness of space’ and so really we are inconsequential.

Yet what we have achieved, the percussions and effects we create Just go to show that whilst we may be small we are powerful. In the past 2,000 years we have evolved from thinking the earth is flat to realizing that not only is the earth round but that it is part of a universe. From this we have created rockets that can take us out of our earths atmosphere and into space. Give us another 500+ years and we will have achieved Warp Speed technology. The fact that our planet can have, sustain and regenerate millions of life forms only emphasizes our potential and proves how much more we can learn.