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Unilever Business Manual

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Also the organization has set objectives that needs to be achieved. Goals of Milliner (termed "The compass Milliner strategy for sustainable growth"): ; This clearly outlines their vision for the future where their brands and services will be used all over the world thereby doubling the size of Milliner ; Decreasing damage caused to the environment and impacting society positively. Another aspect of this also includes improvement in the way of life of people in areas such as health, food, annotation, and opportunities within societies ; Combining its multinational competence with Milliner's strong relationship in various cultures to provide a wide range of products to satisfy a range of users and also building strong relationships in new markets which will be of significance in the future growth of Milliner. ; "Achieving significant growth objectives while decoupling growth from environmental and increasing our positive social impact is a bold but challenging vision" Milliner 1 CEO Paul Pullman.

Milliner's mission can be put into key points: Proving a daily better future for all. ; Helping personal image with Milliner's brands and services ; To be an inspiration in taking action to benefit the world ; Doubling the size of its business ; Developing its products further to work towards its goal of doubling the size of its business ; Limiting environmental impact through innovation and developing effective and efficient ways to reach people Primary and Secondary goals On 1 5th November 2010 Milliner announced its plans of sustainability by or before 2020.

These goals include: Acquiring 100% of its agricultural raw materials from sustainable sources. ; Improving hygiene for one million people in Asia, Africa, and Latin America through the usage of 'lifebuoy' soap thereby reducing diarrhea which is a large cause of infant mortality. ; Making safe water available though their low-cost water purifier called Purest which is produced in India and distributed to a half billion people across the world. ; Improving the living conditions of people in developing countries by collaborating with organizations such as Oxford.

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Unilever Business Manual

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