Online Shopping versus Retail

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I will be showing you the comparison and contrast between online shopping and going to an actual retail store. When you sit and think about it, there are many differences between the two, but which of the two would you find more convenient and save you the most money. Many consumers have their very own preference when it comes to shopping. When I think about the two, I find online shopping a bigger advantage, and also a wider variety of items I may not find in a retail store while walking around.

The benefits of online shopping and what it offers to our consumers. With the click of the mouse all your Christmas shopping can be done - now all we have to do is teach our computers to wrap them as well. Thanks to the internet and online stores we can shop in any store, anywhere in the world from the comfort of our home, without the hassle of crowds, queues and parking. While there is a strong online presence, shoppers still love hitting the stores for experience of Christmas gift giving.

Brands Exclusive and Living Exclusive head buyer Garth Allan said online shopping has definitely become the new trend in retail. Brands Exclusive is Australia's leading online shopping club and offers savings of up to 70%off RRPs for more than 800 international and Australian brands. More than 80,000 new members are joining each month with two million Australian members overall.

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Brands Exclusive recently launched an iPhone app and iPad app for members to gain access to sales anytime. "Browsing and buying in the store can be a very time consuming process, especially if you have a busy schedule as it. Online stores such as Brands Exclusive are accessible any time of the day or night offering genuine products at significantly Compare and contrast essay over online shopping verses retail shopping PG 3. reduced prices.

"Online retailers also provide access to a broad range of brands and products in one place, making it much simpler for shoppers to browse and buy. " "Today, people really value the time and effort saved from being able to purchase products at the click of a button verses going to a store. " He said because of that online shopping was a key part of the retail sector and was set to grow 14. 1% to $26. 9 billion by 2016, according to PWC's 2012 Australian and Bew Zealand Online Shopping

Retail shopping and the many benefits it offers to our consumers. Consumers have become increasingly sophisticated and demanding with the availability and abundance of products, services, information, technology, as well as retail stores and channels (Terblanche and Boshoff, 2004). From the consumer's viewpoint, obtaining value is a fundamental consumption goal and pivotal to all successful exchange transactions (Holbrook, 1994).

In response, many retailers are seeking to turn shopping into a high-value pursuit and are highlighting consumer value as an important source of competitive advantage (Woodruff, 1997). Despite the importance of value in creating consumer shopping experiences, existing literature on shopping value is limited. Researchers have conceptualized consumer shopping value from different perspectives and disagree upon dimensions of shopping value. Therefore, an in-depth understanding of consumer shopping value is needed.

This research seeks to understand consumer shopping value and its dimensions from a holistic view by connecting shopping motivations and processes to the ultimate outcome of shopping through exploring consumers' shopping experiences in two major shopping contexts: department stores and mass merchandisers. Department stores and mass merchandisers are of interest because they have reigned as primary retailers in the U. S. and have had a significant impact on the retail marketplace due to their size, longevity, national profile and large Compare and contrast essay over online shopping verses retail shopping PG 4.

number of consumers they serve (Wellman, 1980 and Rabolt and Miler, 2009). Department stores are large retail units, such as Macy's, Dillard's, and JCPenney in the United States, which generally carry an extensive assortment of merchandise organized into separate departments (Rabolt and Miler, 2009). Mass merchandisers are large retail discount stores such as Wal-Mart, Kmart, and Target, which serve the mass market (Rabolt and Miler, 2009).

Department stores and mass merchandisers have applied different merchandising strategies and focused on different value propositions. Department stores emphasize fashion goods with higher markups, extensive service, and a pleasant shopping experience with the value propositions of entertainment, service, and scale. Mass merchandisers, on the other hand, offer a broad range of merchandise at lower prices, provide limited service, and tend to focus on moving merchandise quickly with the hallmark value propositions of low price and shopping convenience.

Therefore, comparing consumer shopping experiences at department stores and mass merchandisers may capture key dimensions of shopping value in the retail marketplace and can shed light on the relationship between retail formats and the type of shopping value that consumers gain. Consumer shopping value: An investigation of shopping trip value, in-store shopping value and retail format Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services

When you compare the two, you see that they both are a shopping experience that is a preference to one person. If you think of a difference in the two, one is online with modern technology in the comfort of your home or office and retail shopping requires you to drive your car, fight with crowds, search for parking, and stand in long checkout lines. Compare and contrast essay over online shopping verses retail shopping PG 5. In conclusion you can see by the compare and contrast there were several advantages and dis-advantages of the two.

In my personal opinion I would consider the retail for my groceries and small trips for the necessary items that I may need to get by. When I am searching for a gift I usually turn to the internet, because it allows me to browse many stores and sites to find the bargains and pricing in my budget that I am willing to spend towards my purchase. I have got great bargains at retail shops and stores in the past. An example was recently on black Friday, I went to our local Wal-Mart and it was so overcrowded and long checkout lines I wished I would of reconsider that trip I made, but I was able to by many Christmas presents at a bargain price.

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