Oliver Stone and a Logical Appeal

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Oliver Stone used a Logical appeal making the reader to think about the case by his/ her mind and trying to convince the reader and to clarify that whatever Inside the person will motivate he/she in either ways good or evil; "It is likely that, whether they had seen Natural Born Killers or The Green Berets or a Tom and Jerry cartoon the night before their first crime, Ben and Sarah would have behaved In exactly the way they did".

Stone logically argued back with a valid point. All teenagers around Hanna 2 the world have seen the movie and they weren't affected by It like Ben and Sarah ere; the problem seems to be in Ben and Sarah, not the movie. "1 500 hours of mostly violent TV programming might have slightly more effect on these two youngsters than two hours of Natural born killers? ".

Ben and Sarah could have never been affected by a two hours movie and motivated them to attempt a crime; as millions of people saw the movie and they never heard about somebody who attempted a crime from just watching a violent movie, as Natural born killers was not and won't be the last violent movie. The whole problem comes from the inner of Ben's and Sarah's, both of them had a bad life where the family was not there nor taking are of them or watching out their teenage children.

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We can tell that both of Sarah and Ben came out from a separated and different families where the love bond was not there; but they did share similarities in their personalities as both of them were drinking, doing drugs and as they don't have any source of Income eventually they will need money to continue living; That's what actually motivated them to attempt the crimes they did, not the movie. When a person is good and have pure thoughts his/her actions will be good and useful for others too, if that person is not, probably his/her actions will hurt others.

And that is actually what happened with Ben and Sarah, both of them turned to be bad and do evil actions from what they saw In their lives not from what the movie they saw. 1 OFF Using logical appeal was not enough to Oliver Stone clarifying and defending himself against Gresham, therefore he used ethical appeal; as Stone build up his argument talking about Gresham himself "A lawyer in search of a client could see in this an indictment of the entertainment industry and not of the teenage killers and those who reared them".

Oliver Stone trying to tell us that a lawyer who is Just looking for none and does not care about lives and the safety of people is not a person to trust; how can you trust a person who doesn't care about people lives and about how those teenagers had been raised up are not a responsible people. As we should care about this generation who's coming up to this world and help them to be better people for our country not to use them Just to get clients and make some money, Oliver here is trying to defend himself by blaming Gresham and everybody who's supporting those youngsters as it's not logical that.

What can control a person ? A movie or the person himself !? How can Gresham blame a movie for attempting two murders ? Ben and Sarah are eighteen and nineteen years old, they are mature enough to control their actions and it's really a childish thing to blame a movie for motivating them to attempt two murder crimes one each. What gives a man a value than any others organism is the MIND which we can use to control our actions.

Hanna 4 "If Dan White, the killer of San Francisco supervisor Harvey Milk and Mayor George Nosecone, could claim that Twenties made me do it" Oliver is continuing using ethical appeals by saying that a person can not do whatever he wants then blame it to other people or things and say that it was not his/her fault as somebody else or something motivated him/her to do a crime.

Watching a movie is not the big thing that can motivate you, and if it's what about those people who are losing their families in the wars, and we never heard about any of them turned to be a murder, even us and our friends we all watch horror movies and play violent video games and it never turned us to violent people who can go and kill the others or even Jump into somebody else car and steal it, it is Just because there is no need to do that. But Ben and Sarah had their reasons to attempt the crimes but that is not an excuse to do a crime even when you have reasons.

Artists should never be blamed for societal violence; in most cases, they are merely holding a mirror up to the reality that already exists or providing catharsis for emotions we are already suppressing. Violence is there and it does exist in the movies and we can not deny that but one who's watching is the one who decides what to do and how his/her actions will look like. One should use his/her mind before going for an action and then regret it later.

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