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How is this relationship made clear? A. Heehaw is Davit's leader, protector and provider. David describes Heehaw as the Sheppard that leads him through the storms of life. In the beginning of the passage, the author speaks of how he does not want this shepherd, I believe this is due to the author not feeling worthy of the shepherd and all he provides, which makes the relationship so beautiful because it illustrates complete love and trust Just like a sheep following his shepherd.

The author illustrates how the staff of His shepherd comforts him through the Valley of the Shadow of Death. The author fears nothing because he know he is looked after and well cared for. The language throughout the entire passage speaks of a sheep to his shepherd, this theme can been seen through all of the Old Testament because the People of God lived a life led by Heehaw. David was known as a man after God's own heart showing how close David was to Heehaw Just as a sheep Is very close to Its shepherd. Identify several themes that run through this Incredible short story of Joseph consider loyalty, family, envy, compassion, work). . Joseph shows deep compassion to his brothers even when his brothers wanted to kill him. Joseph was second in command In Egypt and could have easily turned his brothers away leaving them to die, but instead he decided to love them and help them through the famine. Envy Is the basis for how Josephs brothers behaved. It started with them envying Joseph because he was his father's favorite. Then they were envious of his coat of many colors, and finally they were envious and offended y the dreams Joseph experienced.

This new drove them to sell their brother Into slavery, which leads to another theme, diligence. Joseph showed diligence and devotion to God. Even when he was thrown In Jail and framed for things he did not do, he still diligently sought God and followed his commandments. HIS diligence eventually paid off and he was given high honors and responsibilities. Discuss Joseph as both visionary and man of action. What does he value? How does he rise? What Insights Into human nature and the nature of faith and trust In God are revealed?

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