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Pestle Analysis Of Instagram

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Singapore is an eastern country, which still follows the traditional families values. However, the younger generation has started to change their belief and started to adapt to the western culture and values. * The increase in disposable income, housing boom, and aggressive retail promotions, create an increase in consumer pending power especially on seasonal sales (guide me Singapore 2012). Consumers prefer to buy the best quality products at lower price which Charles and Keith can provide this service. Demographic profile 1 . The population in Singapore is about 4. 8 millions, which consists of Chinese, Malay, Indians and expiate from foreign countries. 2. Singapore consists of 46% females in the workforce. However, large portions of this are low level and low salary positions (Ministry of Manpower 2011). Technological * Technology is the power that can change our lifestyles and improve the quality of fife.

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Pestle Analysis Of Instagram

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For example, with the help of Internet, consumers are able to search tons of information Just by a single click. * The Internet also allows consumer to purchase items all over the world. * Technologies also help to develop new innovative products and designs to meet customer needs. Pestle Analysis

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