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The focal point of this paper is to look into the aspects of the nursing profession in Alabama. The nursing profession in Alabama could be regarded as a profession that is on a high note lately. In 2000 it was reported that there are about 41,500 nurses in Alabama who are legally licensed as RN or registered nurses. It is also reported that at the current date there are about 85% of these nurses who are actively on the go with their profession and are employed with different agencies and institutions.

This number is about 34,000 as of 2000. One interesting observation about the profession of nursing in Alabama is that the population per 100000 consists of 765 registered nurses. This is lower than the national rate as it is 780 per 100000 people. (Sen, 2001)

In the same year, 2000, the state of Alabama ranked quite well at 10 under the parameter of employment of vocational or licensed practical nurses among other states.  However, it should also be looked after that out of a population per 100000 individuals the total number of licensed practical nurses was 330.

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This was much higher than the national rate of the licensed practical nurse at it stands at 240 per 100000 individuals. But when it comes to the total number of licensed practical nurses Alabama scores average at 19th with the sum total being 15000 workers.  However, it should be mentioned that the number of nurse practitioners in 2000 in the state of Alabama was 1400 which is almost at par with the national index of nurse practitioners. (Sen, 2001)

Though it is true that Nursing salaries, like physician salaries, vary by experience, location and specialization it should be noted that on an average a nurse can earn $10-$20 per hour in Alabama, with an additional housing subsidy and this pay can get even higher in areas of high living like Chicago San Francisco or New York. It has been estimated that this amount can rise for traveling nurses to $24-$35 per hour and is almost double the amount of the average stationary nurse.

For records, California offers the most number of jobs for traveling nurses. However, it should also be mentioned that the profession of a traveling nurse is short-termed and a part-time job. Usually sums up to 3-4 months in a year or for 45 days on an average out of a year of 365 days. (Mukherjee, 2004)

Education is a vital aspect in the field of nursing. MSN or Master of Science in Nursing Program follows a well-formulated Terminal Objectives that is very relevant in both medical and administrative levels. In a general sense, the MSN Terminal Objectives include a general Administration-MSN Track followed by an Education or MSN Track. The next MSN Terminal Objectives that follow after these are The RN-MSN Degree and The Coordinated MSN or MBA Option followed by a Nursing Education Certificate Program.

Next, there is the UT Southwestern Women’s Health Care Nurse Practitioner MSN Completion and The MSN-NP Degree. Shortly after this, there is Admission to UT Tyler MSN, MSN or MBA, MSN, or NP Programs. There is also a Policy for Non-Degree Seeking Students Procedure for Course Equivalency Determination. The last phase comes with the inclusion of MSN Progression, Thesis and Thesis, or Professional Scholarship. (Roberts, 2005)

The current workforce analysis of Nurses in Alabama as in 2005 was around 48,000 and at a national level this figure sums up to 1200000. In the same context, it could be mentioned that the average salary of a regular nurse in Alabama is about $2500-$3000 which is practically at par with the national index of salary rate of nurses in the US. However, working conditions vary from state to state and Alabama ranks quite high in this respect positioned only second to California. Alabama provides a 7 hour per day shift with any one day in the week as off day for a nurse with free lodging available. (Anand, 2006)

Training and education requirement for a nurse in Alabama include the MSN schedule and is regarded as the most essential aspect of getting a license. For sustaining this license or continuing education requirements are essential and there is always room for updated activity and a 3 week semester is available for the registered nurses per year.

This semester in the on average ranges around 2.5 weeks nationwide. However, it should be noted that licenses are issued by the Alabama Authority for Care for nurses residing in Alabama whereas the central board of nursing is in based in New York under the name National Board of Registered Nurses. The licenses issued by NBRS-NY are valid all over the US. (Anand, 2006)

In the context of Alabama, the supply and demand curve of nurses is extremely favorable. At present, there is a shortage of about 15% of nurses in Alabama alone in respect to the license issued and active workforce. However, in the national context, this data is more marginal as the difference between demand and supply of registered nurses is only 3.43%. (Anand, 2006)

It should be remembered that the profession of nursing is a noble profession and to excel in it requires hard works with compassion and a favorable state would help this profession to flourish. The state of Alabama could be regarded as an ideal venue for nursing with its high demands.  (Podolski, 2006)


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