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My Look Up For A Dream Job

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I am a major in Computer science. I have a few goals in my career. First, would be to have a career as a network engineer or a software developer at a firm like microsoft, netflix, google or any job where I can work on projects and maybe help to create cutting edge softwares. Also a dream job of mine would to be to work on a video game or help design AI. Another aspiration would be to monitor social media for a company as that’s becoming more of a need this day and age. I changed my major in the middle of this course so while I don’t necessarily need to take a chemistry class, the concepts of chemistry are still essential to making a computer operate and function properly.

Chemistry has played an essential role in creating hardware and softwares of our computers, without it we would have never been able to design one or let alone have any technology at all. Chemistry also allows us to improve our technology in ways such as better hardwares, displays, hard drives and all the other essential components that factor into how a computer runs.

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We learned about all the different kinds of elements. Many of these elements are directly used in the hardware of computers. Transistors for example are what allow us to amplify and switch electronic signals and power. Thus, resulting in a more powerful and fast microprocessor This is how any data gets transferred, which allows us to do the most basic of tasks including just turning on the monitor. What makes transistors possible is through the use of semiconductors. The most popular element used for this is the element silicon, the next one that is used is germanium. It is used because it utilizes electricity better than an insulator does, but not as much as a conductor such as aluminum. This is useful because, it allows a scientist or engineer to push the conductivity one way or another by the act of doping. Which is adding small impurities such as boron and arsenic. This is done to enable the conductor to complete a “switch action” which is the movements of the current in the circuits and switching through one conductor to the next.

Another way the concepts of chemistry get utilized is in the monitors that show the visuals of the computer. The lcd monitor which stands for liquid crystal display. The liquid crystal is a state of matter which has a crystal-like molecular structure, these structures are both solids and liquids. This is what allows light to be emitted and blocked on a monitor. A factor in lcd that separates itself from other kinds of monitors is it allows it to be thinner in width than the CRT model, being the bulkier older kind of monitor. To elaborate on how chemistry plays a role into this, the element vanadium(V) oxide is an example of a lab made liquid crystal. To make this you you would take Na2CO3 and mix it with a vanadium rich ore. You would do this to get NaVO3 as the result. Then you use H2SO4 to raise the ph levels. This is all done to get a precipitate of 1274 fahrenheit, which in turn gives us V2O5. This is just one example of a liquid crystal being man-made, but gives an idea of the complexity that goes into creating these. This is all relevant to my future career, because the visuals on the monitor is how we look at and analyze any data that is on the computer. There wouldn't be much of a practical reason to use a computer if you couldn't see anything on it.

Another way chemistry can be implemented into computer science is through process simulation software. This is the development, design, optimization and analysis of different science based models. Some examples of chemistry related objects that get analyzed are chemical plants and processes. You essentially create a model-based diagram of these, which is used to view the different elements, pure components, mixtures and reactions. For example, you can see how much sulfuric acid, sour gas and water are in the subject. But, rather than just have it on paper actually get to physically see it on a graph. Another similar software that is related to chemistry is molecular design software.

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