My Inspiration – Isaac Asimov

Last Updated: 26 Jan 2021
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The field of Robotics has drawn my attention right from childhood. My enthusiasm for this field grew with significant exposure. Works of science fiction by the likes of Isaac Asimov, Frank Herbert and the creators of Iron man have been an eye opener to how we can interact and perceive the world around us. Robotics poses a new engineering challenge as it requires the synergy of Computer Science, Mechanical and Electronic engineering. It offers a plethora of opportunities for innovation and development. I am applying to University of Maryland, Baltimore to pursue a Masters degree in Mechanical engineering with emphasis in Robotics.

My research interests lie in the study, design and development of human-robot interactions in semi-autonomous fabrication systems industry, safe design of mobile manipulation robotic systems, design, instrumentation and control of automated industrial processes.

I graduated from the University of Mines and Technology with Second Class (Upper division) Honors in Mechanical engineering. Four years of undergraduate studies in Mechanical engineering introduced me to a myriad of courses ranging from basics of electronics, electrical machines, thermodynamics to advanced courses like mechanics of machines, machine design, fluid machinery, manufacturing technology, Instrumentation and control.

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In my third year, I undertook a class project, ‘Design of a gearbox’. Our objective was to design a gearbox for a local manufacturer to reduce the speed of his motor to that of his compressor. The project consisted of calculating gear parameters such as module, pitch diameter and interpreting these results into drawings and models through SolidWorks. Also, in my final year thesis, I designed a gutter clearing system aimed at improving the sanitation of the environment as well as reducing significant health risk.

Furthermore, during my Undergraduate studies in Ghana, I represented my department in the annual Vice-chancellors soccer competition and departmental league. I was the Vice-president of the International students’ body and helped organize various academic and social functions for the international students’ body. One of such programs was a campaign for students suffering from mental health issues, the need for and how to ask for help.

The stimulating and encouraging atmosphere at the University of Mines and Technology and the opportunity to learn from some of the best teachers in Ghana enhanced my interest in research. The well-balanced curriculum at the University of Mines and Technology has provided me with a comprehensive exposure to the fundamentals of Mechanical engineering.

Upon the completion of my Undergraduate degree, I enrolled in the National Youth Service Corps which is a one year mandatory program for all Nigerian graduates. I am presently undertaking this program being an employee of the Federal Institute for Industrial Research, Oshodi, Nigeria. My time at the research institute so far has given me the basic foundation of research and development. I collaborate with mechanical and electrical engineers to design and fabricate prototype equipment. One of such projects was the design of a steam turbine for small scale power production which was chaired by the director of the department. I have acquired knowledge about transforming research work into working prototypes.

I perceive graduate studies as an opportunity to work on industrial projects and develop new technology that would revolutionize the industry. It would endow me the opportunity to sharpen my skills and would be my first chance to make relevant contribution to this rapidly developing field. The distinguished faculty and world class facilities at the University of Maryland makes its graduate program ideally suited to my professional goals.

I consider myself a suitable applicant for such research, given my strong analytical foundation, ardent interest and brimming motivation. I trust that you will share my confidence by accepting me into your esteemed university. Thank you for reviewing my application.

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