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My Inspiration

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When asked who their hero is, most people probably respond with the name of a musician or an artist. When asked who my hero is I would definitely have to respond with a simple three-letter word: mom. My mother has been the greatest inspiration in my life and is the main reason that I am where I am and who I am today. If I would start it in a chronological way, she was the woman who gave birth to me and brought me in this world, in the first place. How can anyone repay such thing to their mothers? I’m sure she suffered throughout the process but I have no doubts she did it with the uttermost pleasure.

Knowing the caring and loving person she is now, I’m sure she became the happiest person in the world when I was welcomed in this life. As I was growing up, my mother was always there for me. I remember her taking care of me all the time. She was the woman who taught me the basic things in life. She was always careful and considering but also such a model mother and I owe her so much in the respect of my education and up-bringing. When the difficult years of adolescence came by, my mother was still courteous and always vigilant with me.

Judging now after a few years, I think that she trusted me after all. She never restricted me from anything at that age, all the contrary I would say – she would encourage me to be a decent person and follow my dreams. She probably foresaw who I was to become so she didn’t feel worried about me making mistakes on my way. I think she believed in me because she had brought with an outstanding dedication, being that I was an only child. I didn’t know as much back then, that’s why I give her credit for every right choice I made and for the decent path I followed.

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I consider it all a result of her valuable advice and witty remarks. Even nowadays, my mother and I still have this wonderful relationship. I believe she’s one of the few people who really understands me and manages to enter my world without many efforts. And I’ve come to realise why it is so easy for her to understand me – because we are so much alike! I’ve taken after my dad according to my physical appearance but totally from my mom character-wise. What is more, our conversations can last for hours and I enjoy them so much because they’re quite deep and warm and most of all, exceptionally educational.

If I have a question about anything or even a doubt on what to do, my mom is the first person I turn to. And I know she won’t ever let me down. She’s indeed the best person to rely on in difficult situations. Moreover, together we do a variety of activities like going to the theatre, to the opera, in concerts and much more. She’s even the entertaining person who I never get bored with. She’s like my best friend and I wouldn’t want another because I know that her love for me is real and unconditional. Although, I can’t deny that sometimes we argue but that doesn’t influence on our relationship.

Actually it makes it stronger because eventually, one or the other has to agree on the other’s opinion. But even those kinds of moments are rare because we mostly agree on everything. All in all, I adore my mother because she is most certainly my role-model. I can’t find any other person in my life more admirable and lovely than she is. She inspires me to be successful and most of all, a warm-hearted person. And that, in my opinion is the best gift a mother can give to a child. My love for her will last forever and she will always remain my biggest inspiration in the whole wide world.

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