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Throughout the centuries, a woman's role in the society has been dictated by the needs of the then more powerful male gender. The male dictated role of women centered around the predominant needs of the men in the society such as needing a woman to keep house, prepare their meals, and continue the blood line of the males. Women in those times where not allowed to have any lofty dreams and ambition that leaned towards their self learning and fulfillment as an individual with their own rights and needs.

This is not to say that all women of today are career oriented. There are still those who wish to become regular housewives and fall into the traditional definition of a married woman. Then, there are those who would rather have a career or a career and a family. Clearly, the expectation men and society now have of the females have continued to evolve and become something that is now acceptable to most men. It has been proven by the period of time known as Women's Suffrage, that women have always wanted to be in an equal partnership with men and they were willing to fight tooth and nail, endure embarrassment, ridicule and jail time, in order to win that acceptance and rights. Now, women clearly work alongside men as an equal in all aspects of society. This, they accomplish even while maintaining their traditional role as homemakers.

Forbes Magazine recently came out with their list of the richest and most powerful women in the world. That magazine issue is a testament to how the expectations of women in today's world have changed dramatically. Oprah Winfrey, Martha Stewart, Katie Couric, Barbara Walters, are all but a few of the women today who wield extra ordinary power in the boardroom. Women have proven their worth in all fields of business, research, music, and other various fields. No longer are the descriptions; President and CEO reserved for powerful men. It has become a non-sexist term to define who calls the shots in the company.

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Oprah Winfrey and Martha Stewart are self made billionaires and millionaires who worked long and hard to reach the pinnacles of their successful careers. Let us not forget there are also markets where only a woman can be expected to deliver the business needs of the company. The cosmetics field is a major area where only women can be expected to deliver the goods. Pioneering women knew how to succeed in a business area that men had no idea how to penetrate. Fashion and cosmetic companies such as Liz Claiborne, Donna Karan, and Mary Kay were all founded by visionary women of the times they lived in.

These women have proven that with the help of dreams, ambitions, a go-getter attitude, and the will to succeed, nothing can stop a woman from achieving a successful career. As such, the women also become important contributors to the development of society at large. A solid example of this concept is the way the Mary Kay Cosmetics company came into being.

Founded by Mary Kay Ash, she took ideas she had learned from men and employed ordinary housewives who evolved into successful businesswomen. Their trademark prize for successful employees, the Pink Cadillac was the status symbol of its time. It signified an independent and successful woman. The Mary Kay agents showed the world that women could use their own ability for successful careers and become important assets to companies.

Obviously, human resources also continue to increase by using skilled female labor, a notion much realized in both government and private sectors. Taking advantage of certain abilities brought by women allows achievements on a much more efficient and diverse progression in societal development. These also help in dispelling the old sexist norms that the male thinking of the past put into place. People become more open minded, escaping the trap of ignorance and prejudice. This change in gender roles can also be seen as a reaction to previous and existing economic conditions.

This development of the woman’s work ethic and role is seen as a way for women to break free of the old traditions women were forced to endure in the past because men controlled the world. Women are no longer repressed and have found their voice to declare their freedom and independence. Women now have the choice to be plain housewives or career-housewives. Being at home 24 hours a day, 7 days a week is no longer the way to judge the capabilities of wives and mothers.

Career wives and mothers have successfully blended their work and home needs seamlessly and have proven that with proper time management, a woman can do what is needed from her. Women are now the examples of their families. They are the examples that their daughters emulate and the training ground for their sons to learn how to treat women when they grow up.  Daughters now have a chance to realize what they have to do in their future, and motivate themselves.

If the wife stays with her traditional household position, it could possibly perpetuate the sexist notion that a woman’s place is limited. For example, in poor family, the wife must also work hard with her husband to support their families. If the children are at a mature age, they can notice their household’s economy and parental support easily. At some point they will understand the tired look on their parent’s faces after a long day of work, and relate their heavy school loads.

To some children this motivates them to want to pick up their slack and chip in to help by getting a part time job. Getting a better education not because their parents want them to, but because by that point they are mature enough to see that even when their parents had to lay down the law for their own good to get higher salary job, that at that point not only it was for themselves but for the better of mankind and perhaps to take care of them when they grow old and need that help in return.

Every child always wants their parents to be happy. Next example, if the mother is a great executive person and works in company, it would inspire her children. One of purpose of our lives is to go over our parent’s position. That’s why I believe that they give positive image to children.

I foresee that women's roles in the future will be even further enhanced. The differences that used to be in place, as set by man shall be torn down and men and women will continue to compete for jobs and places in society on ever equaling grounds. . This mentality will surely create a better society by setting positive examples for future generations. Women such as Hillary Rodham Clinton and Nancy Pellosi have given a strong voice of motivation and representation to many that are still victims of ignorance. They and many others show, without a doubt in mind, that this trend towards equality is hard earned, yet worth it in the end.

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