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It is impossible to comprehensively cover every aspect of SCM in just one semester. Nonetheless, the overarching course objective is to develop an understanding of integrative managerial issues and challenges related to developing and implementing a firm's Supply Chain and Operations Management Strategy. Attention is directed to the supply chain mission confronted by varied types of business organizations. Supply Chain Management is an increasingly strategic function and value-adding process hat achieves time and place synchronization of demand stimulation and operations fulfillment.

Executed properly, Supply Chain Management can be a source of sustainable competitive advantage. Emphasis will be placed on challenges related to providing logistical support for development of customer service standards, sourcing, manufacturing, market-distribution and after-sales activities. The topics studied will p supply chain strategy, segmental positioning, service provider relationship development and maintenance, value-added services, forecasting and collaborative planning, rouging strategy, order management, transportation, inventory, warehousing and materials handling and change management.

The course will conclude with emphasis on future challenges in the supply chain arena, strategies such as global sourcing trends as well as global logistics issues. Another course objective is to give the student the opportunity to consider Supply Chain Management as a career. Historically, organizations devoted their "best and brightest" to manage internal operations. Today, leading companies are scrambling to grow in house Supply Chain Management talent ND ensure all general managers have at least a working knowledge of SCM.

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The class will focus on discussion focused on critical thinking regarding assigned topics. Lecture will be used primarily to reinforce class discussions. Advanced preparation will be essential for effective class participation and overall success. Finally, hopefully have some fun along the way as we learn about this dynamic topic! Supplemental Course Materials Several articles have been selected which align with the course objectives and focus topics in the textbook. The content from these readings will serve as a inundation for the class discussions.

In addition to these assigned readings, you're also encouraged to read industry publications such as Supply Chain Brain, Logistics Management, Audiologist's and Supply Chain Management Review (all are available online) to learn about breaking news and developments in the field. If you read something in these magazines or Other publications, such as the Wall Street Journal, Economist or Business Week, which relates to a class topic, share it with the class. As time permits, we'll spend a few minutes at the beginning of class discussing current news and developments.

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