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My Spring Break

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My Spring Break Excited for the spring break? Spring Break or Midterm Break, as some people call it, is a week given to the students at universities and schools in some countries. People usually go out of the city to relax and enjoy their time. The vacation meets with the weekend holiday of St. Patrick's day. Therefore, I decided to go with my sister to watch the parade in South Boston. Going there was challenging for us. While we were in the train station, everyone was going in the same direction. We were in the middle of the crowd when suddenly everyone stopped.

It was really crowded and we couldn't move until the train came and some people got on it. When we got close to the train, we had to wait for another one. The transit police were telling people to move forward for more space to the upcoming crowed. Finally, we got on the train with all that pushing from people. It took us 30 minutes to arrive at our destination. It was my first time seeing the parade. I did not know what to expect there. My sister and I stood there for about an hour waiting to see something until one man shout "I see the flags".

At that moment, I was very excited to see what was next. A three young men appeared holding huge flags. That was followed by different performances such as Irish traditional music and dancing. Also, the parade included some soldiers' groups from the Army and the Navy. Furthermore, there were several politicians who participated in the parade as well. It was fascinating to watch all of that. You can tell that the people were ready to celebrate. On our way, we noticed how most of them were wearing green and heading there with family and friends.

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My Spring Break

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Some of them wore big green hats and necklaces, especially the kids. Others wore unusual costumes and painted their faces. People were getting drunk and enjoying their time. The day was not only celebrated by the Irish but also by people from different countries. In conclusion, going to the parade was a great experience for me. I learned about the Irish culture and religion. Additionally, I realized how it is important for them to celebrate this day. It was great sharing that with them and getting to know them up close. I definitely enjoyed my day.

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