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Syllabus Spring

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Class participation in this course ill be assessed as the ability of the student to raise the level of the class' conceptual knowledge by making a constructive contribution to the class discussion. There are several channels by which a student may contribute constructively to the class learning process: ; relating course concepts from readings to the discussion; ; commenting perceptively during class discussions; ; raising topic-related questions; ; conceptually expanding on classmates' comments; and, ; providing feedback to classmates' presentations.

Students cannot "participate" unless they are present in class. As such, attending class is a minimum component of the class partial option assessment. Students will be given a daily class score according to the following rubric: O=absent, 50 = sleeping, testing or on the computer, 75=present, 85=present + contribution and 100=present + raised the conceptual knowledge of the class. Standard scores will be computed based on the number of class meetings during the week and will be posted on Discovery.

Students are expected to be on time for class out of respect for the instructor and their fellow classmates. Attendance will be taken at the beginning of each class. If you miss or are going to miss a class, you are required to notify the professor via email. For every absence more than 4 unexcused absences will result in a 1 point reduction in the course grade. Any student testing or using a laptop for anything other than taking notes will receive a "O" for class participation for that day. B.

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Course Evaluation: All students completing the course for credit are required to complete an online course evaluation at the end of the course. Participation by all students is important, not only for our continued accreditation, but to assist in refining the course to assure quality instruction. The University will provide instructions to students via your campus email on how to complete the evaluation about two weeks before the course ends. You will be given extra class participation points if you complete the course evaluation C.

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