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To gain the market share in the urban centers, it would be interesting to see how Mountain Dew differentiate the product from the competition and whether the benefits of the reduce are communicated effectively using the right channels and propose a redesign of the marketing campaign that could have a universal appeal. According to Finch (2012), the deployment of advertising and other promotional resources for a given brand is dependent upon the strategic goals for market segmentation, product differentiation, and positioning.

The current market for Mountain Dew is comprised of 70 percent of white soda drinkers and the marketing would expand their product awareness among young African Americans and Latino In the urban centers. As a marketing campaign, Mountain Dew had endorsed hip-hop singer Oil Wayne to tract the teens and youth In ass because this age group more Inclined towards help- hop (Stanford, 2012).

According to the author of the article, Mountain Dew Wants Some Street Creed, 45 percent of the energetic caffeine-laced sugary drink is sold in the gas stations and convenience store, endorsing Mexican-American professional skateboarder Paul Rodriguez is a good move. Teens go to the nearest store on their skateboard could relate to P-Rod and would be influenced to purchase Mountain Dew because their favorite star is appealing to them to be have Mountain Dew. Brett O'Brien is targeting the right market segment, which are teens and young adults in ass by strategically endorsing youth stars including Country star Jason Alden.

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The marketing strategy Is right on the money because the present youth might become loyal to the brand and the future youth would grow watching the present youth drinking Mountain Dew to quench their thirst. Therefore, targeting young audience Is profitable strategy for Mountain Dew In the short and long run. Mountain Dew has differentiated its product from the competitors. Firstly, the green colored drink is cadged in green bottles and cans make Mountain Dew to be easily identifiable. Secondly, PepsiCo had collaborated with Complex Media to advertise its biggest soft- drink brand, Mountain Dew, on a new Web site, Green-Label. Mom (Elliott, 2013). Thirdly, PepsiCo is committed to market its most profitable brand, Mountain Dew, among the diverse younger generation by including famous artists, which could build brand awareness. Recently, Mountain Dew had invited consumers to shoot a promotional ad called Tweezed with Grammar winner (Stanford, 2012). Lastly, the TV advertisements of Mountain Dew such as "Yahoo! Mountain Dew! ", Shore at shooting", and "This Is How We Dew" differentiate Mountain Dew as a high profile brand In PepsiCo portfolio.

Mountain Dew is eyeing on capturing market share In the urban centers and the Southern US border stretching from California to Louisiana (Stanford, 2012). This could be done by wooing the potential young consumers rather than no benefits of the soft drink, therefore, the marketing team of Mountain Dew had made efforts not add any benefits in their advertisement. However, the commercials of Oil Wayne and P-Rod are designed to communicate the Dew message that "they ill be able to do what they do with energy" in the new markets said Brett O'Brien (Stanford, 2012).

Mountain Dew could explore some opportunities to redesign the promotional campaign to appeal to the larger audience at once. FIFE world cup is coming soon. Mountain Dew could partner with international soccer players from Mexico to woo young Latino and endorse African American foot ball players to attract young blacks. According to Elliott (2013), Mountain Dew had spent $108 million dollars on advertisement in major media in last five years in addition to endorsement deals. Considering this marketing cost, a thought of creating a Mountain Dew Anthem by including all the stars from diverse backgrounds would appeal the masses.

This will create a brand image of Mountain Dew not within US borders but in foreign markets as well. The forthcoming FIFE world cup will be watched throughout the world; therefore, it is an excellent opportunity for Mountain Dew to advertise its brand using the mainstream media, which is television and radio. Social media such as Backbone and Youth are effective means of communicating the message the Mountain Dew. Mountain Dew is a leading brand of PepsiCo and the marketing team is designing campaign to regain the lost share and attract young African Americans and Latino in the urban centers.

The marketing strategy of Mountain Dew to endorse various stars from different backgrounds is a good strategy to appeal the teens and young adults in ass. If Mountain Dew could adopt the proposed strategy to create a Mountain Dew Anthem by integrating variety of domestic and international celebrities, it will appeal the entire younger generation at once. Big screen television is in great demand throughout the world. LCD, LED, and Plasma TV's fall into the category of big screen TV's. The product that I would like to introduce into the market is DTV.

A TV that will not only display a picture but also gives an experience of AD effect at home. There is huge market in the developed countries and the emerging economies, which will appreciate a AD TV in the living room and/or bedroom. The reason I want to develop and launch a AD TV is that it does not exist in the market. The current products available are LCD, Plasma, and a recent addition of LED technology. Many manufacturers does offer a AD feature which be enjoyed with AD glasses. Without AD glasses, a TV will be a regular TV. My product would not require glasses for consumers to wear.

Consumers can bring the experience of AD movie theatres and AD theme parks at home. This product will benefit all ages. Watching a movie at home in AD would bring a revolution in the industry. For example, imagine a family is watching Avatar or Star War movies at home in AD and does not need to go to IMAX theatre. Children would be able to feel their favorite cartoon characters right next to them. There is one huge market segment that would be benefited with AD TV is video games lover. It would be Jaw-dropping moment for hem when they will find out that their favorite can be played in AD environment.

Obviously, video game companies need to work in this direction as well. To make and dedicated team need to put their heart and soul into this project to reach the customers with a most awaited product. It is a challenging project and the most difficulty I am facing while compiling a marketing plan is to perform a competitor's analysis. I would like to know whether Samsung, Panasonic, or Sony is in this race. What is their market position? If the competitor would be competing for the entire market or one specific market segment? What are strengths and weaknesses of the competitor?

The response to these questions would be crucial for my marketing plans. In addition, I will be working with my team in close relation to define the strategies to implement plan with success. Additional information required to make most informed strategic decisions are SOOT analysis of my company, a primary marketing strategies required to target above mentioned market segmentations, an alternative marketing strategy, and a final (best) strategy that will implemented using up's of marketing to create a brand image. Samsung 10 changes need to be met.

Ensure that customers are satisfied with the product purchased; if there is dissatisfaction Samsung must understand why and do whatever is necessary to fix the issue. Most of the more important items are ensuring sales agencies and management continually provides training for marketing staff. This will ensure he or she have the latest information about all the products. Samsung 11 Conclusion Samsung holds a great deal of the global market for AD television. A through and detailed analysis of the global AD television market has been detailed by Samsung. The SOOT analysis reveals industry trends, the effects of intention, and outside threats.

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