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Brokeback Mountain

Essay Topic:

Movies have a way of influencing the lives of may. For the longest time, movies served as clear manifestations of the realities of life unknown to many. Although numerous stereotypes affected the perceptions of many, complex relationships still existed.

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Some were even given much credit because of the high form of love exhibited despite what society dictated. Ang Lee’s Brokeback Mountain was one of the few films focused on the different relationships that existed in society.

The story was focused on how a cowboy, Jack Twist, and a ranch hand, Ennis del Mar, brought their love to a whole new level despite the numerous stereotypes that existed in Wyoming. Their love spanned the test of time, and marriage; despite such impediments, they managed to love each other even in death. Brokeback Mountain is a film that may be highly criticized for its content, yet exhibits a reality that people tend to deny.

It is known to many that society dictates that love should be between man and woman, and not through the same gender. Loving someone is not only based on the gender, and what society dictates from us, but also the way we could understand each other no matter what the circumstances may be. The film showed how much a couple’s love could do regardless of what society may dictate.

I must say that the film has a different set of beliefs that may come in contrast to what most of us have. Same sex relationships is not something that people would fully understand, for it goes beyond what has bee deemed form everyone in society. In this regard, the film also showed that there was more to what our eyes could see. Through all these difficulties, it is only normal for us to think that life is not perfect, and that there are certain things that we