Motaba Virus – Immune System and Operation Clean Sweep

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  1. The mercenary camp was in the Motaba River Valley of Zaire was bombed to stop the virus from spreading.
  2. No I would have removed all the people and disinfected all of them so the virus would stay in the forest and nobody would die.
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  4. Sam Daniels and his crew were sent out to the Motaba Valley because there was a level 4 virus.
  5. The conditions in the Motaba valley were sad, smoky, poor and there were dead people everywhere.
  6. The symptoms of the mystery disease at Motaba Valley were blistering everywhere, sever headaches and bleeding from every orifice.
  7. No the virus that caused the mystery disease at Motaba Valley was not airborne.
  8. A. The tribesman’s explanation of why the disease was affecting the tribe was because it was the gods punishment for cutting down the rain forest. B. No I don’t think the explanation makes any sense because mother nature couldn’t be happy with the loss of the plants and forest.
  9. They wore thick space suits and multiple airlocks, ultra violet light rooms and workers must be intensely trained.
  10. The virus got to the U. S. by the monkey that Jimbo traveled with from the forest.
  11. The electron microscope shows about the Motaba virus in Kidney cells, and it showed it was invaded, multiplied and killed the cells.
  12. Jimbo is the owner of the infected monkey, and the monkey with the virus kills many people.
  13. Rudy is the store owner of the animal store, and she is around these animals all the time.
  14. Robby tried to find out if Jimbo had any contact with animals or how he got sick before he died.
  15. A. Jimbo got infected by the virus by a monkey spitting on his mouth. B. Rudy got infected by the monkey scratching him. c. Jimbo’s girlfriend Alice got infected by kissing Jimbo. D.Henry got infected by blood splattering on him. E. People at the movie theatre got infected by being coughed on by someone with virus. F. Robby got infected by being stabbing herself with the needle. G. Casey got infected by taking his suit in an infected area.
  16. A. The Motaba virus mutated because it became airborne. B. The Motba virus was so dangerous because it becoming airborne made it a lot easier to spread a lot faster.
  17. A They forced the people to stay in town and they couldn’t leave their houses. B. Family members had to endure that they will eventually die because of the spread of the virus, the sick ad to be tested and would most likely die.
  18. Operation clean sweep was the bomb that is powerful but not nuclear and is dropped on the California area, killing the disease and virus.
  19. Many government officials thought it was necessary because the virus wouldn’t spread and kill millions.
  20. Yes I think it is acceptable to kill a few lives to save the human population. Sometimes you have to take desperate measures when there’s a deadly virus going around. It would be better to take a few lives than kill the whole human population.It makes sense to kill the people with the virus (because there were few) and save the rest of the population. They could permanently kill off the virus by killing the people with it and saving other people form getting it. I think it would be necessary because to save a whole population would be essential over saving a few people.
  21. I think that if there was a positive and known solution that would help the cause by sacrificing the animals, then it would be necessary so not so many people would die.
  22. Danielle’s prevented the success of Operation Clean Sweep by flying there airplane right in front so they couldn’t bomb the city.And by telling them they found the cure.
  23. A. They determined the identity of the virus by drawing blood from an infected person.
    B. They determined the cause of the disease by analyzing blood and putting it under a microscope and they found tons of ebola viruses in the blood.
    C. They tracked the spread of the virus by keeping track of who had it, how they got it, when and where.
    A. Finding the host of the virus was critical and finding the anti-serum because they had to create the anti-serum from the monkey’s blood.
  24. B. Danielle’s was so intent on capturing the monkey in California because that’s how they would find the cure for the virus, since the monkey was indeed the virus carrier.
    A. A host cell is a living cell in which a virus reproduces. A primary host or definitive host is a host in which the parasite reaches maturity and, if possible , reproduces
    B. The monkey could have been referred to as virus carrier or infected living organism.
  25. After capturing the monkey, Daniells and his team were able to find the cure to the virus and vaccine.
  26. They used that room because they did not want the virus to spread anymore.
  27. A. Antiserum is blood serum containing polyclonal antibodies.
    B. Antiserum is used to pass on passive immunity to many diseases.
    C. Passive antibody transfusion from a previous human survivor is the only effective treatment for Ebola infection.
    D. An antigen is a toxin or other foreign substance that induces an immune response in the body, esp. the production of antibodies.
    E. Antibodies in the antiserum bind the infectious agent or antigen. The immune system then recognizes the antibody and the antigen and antibody work together to fight off viruses in immune systems.
    F.Antibodies in the antiserum bind the infectious agent or antigen. The immune system then recognizes foreign agents bound to antibodies and triggers a more robust immune response.The use of antiserum is particularly effective against pathogens which are capable of evading the immune system in the unstimulated state but which are not robust enough to evade the stimulated immune system. The existence of antibodies to the agent therefore depends on an initial "lucky survivor" whose immune system by chance discovered a counteragent to the pathogen, or a "host species" which carries the virus but does not suffer from its effects.Further stocks of antiserum can then be produced from the initial donor or from a donor organism that is inoculated with the pathogen and cured by some stock of preexisting antiserum.
    G. They gave a lot the monkey and they wouldn’t have been able to find a cure that works that fast and be distributing it out to everyone to save currently sick people. It would have taken at least a month to find a cure and those people that were in the hospital would have died and not have been saved in real life.
    H.They gave a lot the monkey and they wouldn’t have been able to find a cure that works that fast and be distributing it out to everyone to save currently sick people. It would have taken at least a month to find a cure and those people that were in the hospital would have died and not have been saved in real life. They make the process of the antiserum look like an easy and fats process when really it takes months. It is a difficult task that takes an extremely long time. It’s not likely that they would find a cure in two days and not logical.They couldn’t pass on the cure that quickly to save the people that were currently in he hospital. They would have had to do many tests t find the cure to the virus it would not have taken just two days.
  28. I thought the movie was good, but parts were not realistic. It showed how dangerous ebola really was and how fast it could spread. The government would probably take desperate measure to save the whole population. Ebola spreads so quickly and kills so fast. The movie was a good representation of ebola, how it spreads and how quickly and dangerous it is.
  29. A. Yes viruses kill and they scare man and are deadly and fast moving. B. Everyone was so fearful and hopeless that if It happened today everyone would freak out and live in fear. C. It’s significant because man doesn’t have all fears but most would have a fear of deadly virus because it’s unknown and unseen, D. I think that man will ultimately dominate because there are so man doctors and scientist searching for viruses.

That if an outbreak happened they would have a cure so fast with all the technology being created. A virus is a deadly, killer but I don’t see an outbreak in the future because of all the technology and there hasn’t been an incident for decades.

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