Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infection Health And Social Care Essay

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What is HIV/AIDS. Full name of HIV is Human immunodeficiency virus infection, which is virus, can destruct the human immune system, besides HIV was explored by Professor Luc Montagnier from Pasteur Institute, Germany. Full name of AIDS is Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndro, which is one of disease caused by HIV. Virus will destruct the organic structure 's unsusceptibility, lat patients become weak, and unable to defy the varied infection and malignant neoplastic disease invasion.

If I have HIV will hold AIDS?

The AIDS virus can lie dormant in the organic structure for several old ages, until caused by some unknown ground to trip AIDS. Incubation period of grownups differ from individual to individual, some of them can incubate up to 10 old ages. Most of people, who have HIV during the incubation period, their organic structure is unhurt, it seems healthy.

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When the organic structure is infected by the virus, the white blood cells in the organic structure will of course make antibodies to contend off the virus. HIV blood trial to look for HIV antibodies. If the HIV antibody trial consequences confirmed that the organic structure, it means that this individual has been infected with the HIV.

Until this minute, there is no dependable vaccinum to forestall HIV.

Biopsychosocial Model

The chief paths of HIV transmittal are sexual behavior, contaminated blood transfusions and subcutaneous acerate leafs, from female parent to child during gestation and blood and blood merchandises ( including unreal insemination, skin transplants and organ grafts ) .

A ) Biological causes

  1. The sexual organ of Human is cover by a thin mucose membrane, seeds and vaginal secernments, which are contain the virus will reach these topographic point straight through sexual behavior, so that the virus will direct to other people in this minute.
  2.  In this society, we can non vouch 100 % no medical intervention mistake, patient transfuse the blood, which contain HIV or instill blood merchandises ( including unreal insemination, skin transplants and organ grafts )
  3.  Individual wound contact the blood of HIV patient.
  4. Any fishy to HIV-infected people should non utilize the Red Cross Blood Transfusion Service for proving the HIV antibody, as the first three months of HIV-infected, the organic structure is unable to bring forth adequate antibodies, therefore failed the testing, but blood it contains the virus, if this clip donate blood, the virus may go through to others.
  5. HIV-Infected adult females during gestation, the give birth procedure, or postpartum breastfeeding, there are 15-40 % female parent will convey the virus to their babes.

B ) Psychological causes

Sexual transmittal

Nowadays, most of immature people are funny on sex, they want to hold sexual behavior, so that they will seek to travel to wench and sex without rubber. Besides some of immature misss, who want to gain fast money, they will whoredom, therefore increases the hazard of infect HIV.

Transmission through blood

Besides teenager behavior is base on their equal, if their friends drugs, they will follow. If they use the HIV-infected acerate leafs may infect HIV.

C ) Social causes

  1.  Sharing HIV-infected acerate leafs for drug injection.
  2. Use of HIV-infected medical equipment without right disinfection processs.


Unfortunately, if single confirmed to be infected with HIV, both of psychological and physiological they may get down to confront different of troubles.

A ) Physiological degree

Patient demand to accept the fact of disease and face of the decease all of a sudden, but it is easier said than done. Besides by and large, hospitalization required isolation, therefore increases patient solitariness, so may do to depression and squinch.

B ) Psychological degree

Most of people, who got HIV/AIDS disease ever label by others as a sapphic, homosexual, bisexual and drug nuts, it will easy to bring forth feelings of guilt and lead to self-respect to be foiled.

C ) Social degree

Patient does non cognize how to inform and confront their household and friends, they afraid that the relationship between their household, friends and them will breakdown. Besides societal life will break up or insulate.

Furthermore they may confront many force per unit area from household, friends and society, the followers are some force per unit areas that may confront.

A ) The disease adaptation force per unit area

As patients is damage to the immune system, ever infect by virus, after they start the medicine of drug treated, the side effects will allow them alterations of their face or organic structure, or caused to malignant neoplastic disease, etc. Disease ever impact on patient endurance beliefs straight.

B ) Life adaptation force per unit area

After they got HIV/AIDS disease, they may experience that losing the significance of life,

life ends and valuesa , deficiency of motive for the hereafter and lose of decision-making power. In add-on, place disposal, environmental version and etc, besides let patients increase their force per unit area.

C ) Social version force per unit area

They may afraid that if their disease goes public, they will be face to favoritism, label by others, therefore theyA feel inferior and stray themselves, besides bad relationship between household and patient, so that life will lessening.

D ) Emotional job

Patient may experience multiple senses of loss, A isolated, A fright, defeat, A compunction and A choler.

Tocopherol ) The version of economic force per unit area

  1. Frequently medical intervention whether the work can go on?
  2. Physical transmutation whether the work can execute?

Health publicity

We believe that wellness is non merely we got no diseases, including province of mental, societal, economic wellness & A ; well-being, physical and religious. Besides wellness is a demand of life, non the end of life. Furthermore, wellness publicity is the procedure of enabling people to raise control over their wellness and its determiners, and therefore better their wellness. Finally, all people have a right to fulfill their life ( including sexual life ) , avoid stigma and favoritism on the footing of age, sexual orientation, cultural, gender/HIV province, ability, national beginning, cultural individuality. The followers are some wellness publicity.

  1. Develop personal cognition and accomplishment
  2. Run workshop for community members
  3. Create HIV bar resources and runs
  4. Post wellness information on the wellness section web site
  5. Enhance community actions
  6. Provide extended voluntary chance
  7. Administer the healthy Lesbian, homosexual, bisexual and transgender communities fund
  8. Keep the Lesbian, homosexual, bisexual and transgender resource Centre
  9. Participate in Lesbian, homosexual, bisexual and transgender community enterprises and events
  10.  Build supportive environment
  11. Challenge of stigma and favoritism
  12. Help the sex on premises venue forum
  13. Strengthen the safe sex civilization
  14. Re-educate wellness service
  15. Provide Lesbian, homosexual, bisexual and transgender consciousness preparation
  16. Provide civilization consciousness preparation
  17. Talk about the barriers to Lesbian, homosexual, bisexual and transgender wellness
  18. Produce information on Lesbian, homosexual, bisexual and transgender wellness issues to serve
  19. Put up healthy populace policy
  20. Are a voice on sexual wellness and HIV issues
  21. Are a voice on Lesbian, homosexual, bisexual and transgender wellness issues
  22. Are a voice on autochthonal Lesbian, homosexual, bisexual and transgender and sexual wellness issues

Motivational schemes


  1. Ensure both of them have Negative Result of HIV antibody testing, if your sex spouse unable to supply safety sex, and unwilling to make the bar of AIDS, should be reject the sexual behavior.
  2. Keep a individual and fixed of sex spouse, trueness of sex spouse, correct to utilize of rubber, avoid sexual promiscuousness because sex spouse addition, hazard of infect AIDS are besides addition.
  3. Absolutely can non non sharing acerate leafs and panpipes with others, to the bar of HIV infection.
  4. When transfusion of blood or blood merchandise and organ graft, must be rigorous of proving and testing. Nowadays, some of people discuss with physician that storage ain blood for autologous blood transfusion before surgical operation.
  5. Avoid unneeded transfusion of blood or organ graft.
  6.  Use disposable panpipes, acerate leafs. Before abandon panpipes, acerate leafs should be insert into a thorn non broken container to avoid stabbed others.
  7. Ensure that provide organic structure piercing or tattooing services topographic point, the instrument is usage of right disinfection processs.
  8. Make non portion shavers, razors, toothbrushes, nail limiters and other personal points with others.
  9. Make non drug maltreatment.
  10. Pregnant adult females should have HIV antibody proving to forestall mother-to-child transmittal of HIV

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