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Minority Representation

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There are a number of places where the rationale behind having minority representation in any legislative or judicial sitting is asked for. There are a number of reasons why this could be mad important and essential for the betterment of the society and this is why the activity is usually practiced by several countries.

Minority is defined in a number of ways. “The definition of a minority group can vary, depending on specific context, but generally refers to either a sub-group that does not form either a majority or a plurality of the total population, or a group that, while not necessarily a numerical minority, is disadvantaged or otherwise has less power (whether political or economic) than a dominant group.” (Wikipedia, 2007[1])

Minority representation is an important part of any legal formation because there are a number of countries that practice this. “Minority party is a term describing the party in a legislature that does not hold a majority. In the United States Congress, it is led by the minority leader. (Wikipedia, 2007[2])

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Minority Representation

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The United States of America is known for having a minority party within its congress and any other legal formation because the minority party would then carry the interests of the minority group and they would help the issues that are faced by such people top be brought out into the open to the majority of the country.

The majority party would not always be the one to stress upon a certain point or a event that should be achieved but rather there must be a few people who must work with the majority in order to explain them the benefits and the harm that may be faced by the people if such a thing takes place.

The minority must be allowed to speak up on any important account because then their interests must also be heard and so that the minority groups are ensured not be suppressed over the other groups that are in majority.

However, in a few countries, there are minority parties that are not provided all the representation that they need such as “The Minority Party (Minoritetspartiet) is a political party in Denmark without parliamentary representation.” (Wikipedia, 2007[3]) Such countries do not allow the voice of the minorities to be heard.

Of course, there can be a rationale provided that not all minority parties can be provided with representation; else the place for the majority parties would reduce. Hence, there could be a system where only those minority parties that are deemed important in the legislation or another group must be invited.

Who must decide the importance of the groups is a major issue because there could be a number of riots and arguments about the decisions that will be taken. Hence, there must be a way for the government of the authority to ensure that the parties needed are not left out.

This is a great responsibility to ensure that the minorities are also allowed to take part in several groups and discussions for the betterment of the country so that in case there is a point or piece of fact that the majority groups are forgetting to analyze, the minority group could think about it and let them know.

The minority group will not be a burden on the groups or discussions but rather could be a means to establishing a better society and a country that is acceptable to all and that there are no riots or demonstrations against what the citizens have to say against the government for the decisions that have been taken.


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